A Plague Tale: Innocence – Review

User Rating: 6.9

A Plagues Tale is a very pleasant surprise with a strong narrative that does sadly devolve in realms of absurd during the latter sections but overall it’s a very strong game. The game focuses strongly on a sister’s protection over her brother.


The game is primarily a stealth game, with the protagonist leading her brother through various situations and terrains in order to survive. In fact, most of the game you are babysitting your brother and it may sound bothersome but by and large, he is a good AI partner that does not hinder you.

It touches on a dark subject matter but unfortunately, it strays on away from the subject and becomes a generic villain piece towards the endgame.

It’s refreshing to have a protagonist as a girl of about 15 who isn’t sexualized or possessing ungodly combat prowess. For the majority of the game, she is trying to avoid detection as well as solving a few puzzles, though she is able to take out some enemies from a distance with her sling.

Controls & Gameplay

Controls are satisfying and easy to understand, its simple in nature without the need to overcomplicate matters. Though scripted moments require you to kill for the majority you do not have to kill and at your disposal is a slingshot which you have rocks that can kill an enemy or used to distract them by hitting a conveniently placed metal object, you eventually craft different ammo for the different enemies that appear later in-game and it becomes a case of choosing your own method to tackle the situation.

It’s during these choice moments that it becomes fun where you can opt on how you progress but there are times where you are forced to tackle it in a predesigned way that breaks you out of the moment. During a moment in the early game, you have a sub-boss battle which is fun but feels out of place in the grand scheme of things for its a one off moment (excluding the ending boss).

The puzzles are fun and creative and your eventual ability to tackle them is satisfying. The game is strictly linear and post-game you can chapter select to go for the collectibles in which there is a host of things.


Graphics are decent but do not truly standout, its help by some impeccable details, and witnessing the countless well-animated rats scarring environments is a sight to behold. Though the scale is big the area in which the player is allowed to roam around is small, often hindered by locked gates or stumps or knee-high walls but the worse is invisible walls.

Sadly facial animations are not up to scratch with the characters coming off as expressionless and flat. The main protagonist is strong but lets down by some weak voice acting but the majority of the cast provide a strong performance.

Your brother in the game can become spoilt at places but for the majority of the time he is warming and it’s these little moments of interaction that truly lifts the game, moments when traversing they will engage in minor dialogue or activities that make them feel fleshed out.

Along the way, there’s a host of characters that join you but they are sadly not as fleshed out, the game opting to go for a fade to black and months have passed technique making their time together feel rather mute.

Is It Worth Playing?

I highly recommend this game for those who enjoyed Hellblade, Last of Us, Control, and Uncharted games, A Plagues Tale is a story-driven single-player game with a strong focus on character interaction and with satisfying gameplay. Those hoping for an action-heavy game though should look elsewhere.

  • Award Winning Storyline
  • Great Characters
  • Top End Voice Acting & Music
  • Puzzling Gameplay
  • Buggy Controls
  • Graphics Are Not Upto The Mark
  • Small Campaign Missions
Gameplay - 7.2
Graphics - 6.1
Audio - 9.1
Longevity - 5

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