About Us

About Us

Congrats, fellow Terran – you’ve landed in an awesome place full of people just like you. Gamers, anime fans, tech nerds… they’re all here in the Terran Gamer community. Our site is an interactive platform where you’ll discover gaming, tech, and anime news to muse over while meeting other fans and forming friendships.


You see, we’re all about that interaction here at Terran Gamer; interaction between our community members and between us and you. We want to give you a fully immersive experience that includes must-know info, thrilling gameplay, and need-it-now stuff to buy… things that all inspire – you guessed it – interaction.


So what’s on our site? You’ll find gaming news and game reviews to level-up your knowledge and spark discussions on our forums. We offer Discord for when you want to connect with others via voice chat. We have free online arcade games for you to play (with a leaderboard feature to encourage “healthy” competition in the community). On top of all that, we have an online store selling digital stuff and geek merch.


We aim to be the first and only one-stop source of everything gaming, anime, and tech related. And to do that, we need to deliver next-level services on a user-friendly platform. You’ll see minimal ads on our site because ads = annoying and they disrupt your viewing pleasure which is not cool. If you’re looking for that anime review or tech review everyone’s talking about, you’ll find it right here. And we stay on top of the latest tech news so you can blow your friends’ minds with your wisdom.


With all that said… are you a Terran Gamer? If our site sounds like the kind of place you’d want to hang out, then join our community and become one of us.








Our Current Mission

At Terran Gamer, we’ve set ourselves an important mission: to deliver the best content related to gaming, anime, and tech while growing a community of fellow Terrans who like that sort of thing. Along the way, we’ll continue to uphold the values that inspired us to start this venture – because communities are built on trust, right?





Our Vision for the Future

We’ve seen the future of Terran Gamer and it’s pretty exciting. We’re working to become a recognizable name in mobile and PC game development, to give you more choice when it comes to gameplay. We’ll always strive to grow with the times and adapt to the needs of our community to ensure you get the most from our online platform.

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