Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown- Review

User Rating: 7.8

Ace Combat 7 game is a great comeback for the Ace Combat series. It is provided with an amazing storyline with stunning visuals. The players have a variety of different aircraft with so many combat scenarios to fly in, including online with other players.

The gameplay is easy to understand yet difficult to master, the writing is dramatic and engaging, offering immersion and replayability.


While visually stunning, the missions have a time limit that didn’t let me enjoy each skirmish, whatever the objective was. The time limit hinders the gameplay so bad, that there is no point in even trying to backtrack and rearm the planes. Everything felt extremely rushed.

Ace Combat 6 by comparison, really captured the scale of open conflict and there was a lot more strategy involved, depending on where you chose to start each mission, where you sent allies, defended different positions, etc. This latest installment is a “shoot all the baddies as fast as possible” arcade mess, that’s satisfying at first, but gets stale quick.

Many of the success of the mission is based far more on luck than skill, like a mission where you’re going through a sandstorm and have a very limited time to find oil tankers, which you must find just by wandering over them since they only appear for a few seconds and disappear for far longer, while you’re blind from the sandstorm.

What I greatly appreciate is the epic scope of the game. Massive battles, duels in lightning storms, large-scale attacks around a space elevator, and so much more happening here. The game feels old but new, with a degree of different dynamics attached to each plane. The missions are wildly replayable, especially with different difficulties, secrets, the challenge to get an S rank, and the journey to unlock all fighter planes and parts.

Storyline & Graphics

The plot was rather convoluted and one could skip all the cutscenes in a playthrough and the campaign would still make sense due to the lack of relationship they have to you, the player. Also, the game has started to “tell rather than show”, which is unfortunate and removes some of the effectiveness of the themes prevalent in the game.

The general storyline was tacky yet entertaining with sometimes annoying dialogue (with familiar elements recycled from previous games).

Explosions are beautiful, and this game has some of the most detailed enemy target models I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is incredible, down to Caleb’s “Dip Munch Repeat” billboards and even water bottles modeled on a field HQ in a mission. Animation in cutscenes could be better, however. They so much effort into making things shiny and bright that they forgot to animate peoples’ faces.

Aircraft and Customizations

The Unreal Engine was a major step up in visuals and weather dynamics, plus the sound design and ost were on point. Plane unlocks and customization was pretty nice overall, but other than that, forgettable game. Something I’d rent at a blockbuster when younger, completed in a couple of hours, and return the next day.

Flight controls are simple and intuitive, and yet give enough freedom for you to pull off some real sick stunts. And, also, play on Expert Controls for the full experience and barrel rolls and stuff. Normal Control for me is just too restrictive.

Is It Worth Playing?

The game is absolutely wonderful with spectacular gameplay in the campaign and multiplayer. If you’re a fan of fighter aircraft around the world and would love to taste what it feels to be in a cockpit of an aircraft, Then this game is highly recommended by me if you’re up for the challenge !!!

  • Great Visuals
  • Realistic Aircraft Physics
  • Balanced Controls
  • Top Tier Campaign Missions
  • Fast Paced Gameplay
  • Lack Of Checkpoints System
  • Multiplayer Mode Is A Bluff
Gameplay - 8.8
Graphics - 8.9
Audio - 6.3
Longevity - 7

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