Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Review

User Rating: 9

Animal Crossing is a stellar, charming, and outright fantastic title and frankly a must-have addition to perhaps all Switch owners’ collection list. Near to endless hours of gameplay awaits- and oh how did the developers deliver us a memorable gem.

With absolutely amazing graphics, Nintendo exceeded my expectations with this game! For someone who grew up with old Animal Crossing games, I have to say this is a throwback to all those good times.

New Horizon is a revolution in Animal Crossing history, marking both a new installment and a new age of Nintendo’s signature village living sandbox game. This game, instead of focusing on survival and intimate value like The Sims, decided to present a naive take of the current long-running genre: life simulation, but wait there is more to it.


Animal Crossing has so many villagers, furniture items, clothing options, hair colors, hair styles, hats, shoes, umbrella’s, shovels, etc.

This game takes all of the things charming about the others and adds a deeper layer to it. There are so many things to do for example Catch bugs, catch fish, sure, like the old games. But now you can terraform your island, create obstacle courses, and put furniture in places outside of your own home.

You can expand your house to sizes never before seen in Animal Crossing games, and the dialogue from the NPC’s is charming and light-hearted. You can end up with a raccoon with emo tendencies that likes heavy metal, or a chicken that wants to be a bodybuilder.

As well as all of these improvements, you can now visit other islands very quickly, and see islands of people that live across the world from you. The possibilities are, honestly, infinite. Animal Crossing has evolved from pay off debt, loans, and explore the world sort of game to a Wholesome Minecraft.

The stalk market is interesting and just how much time was put into creating it… they talked about an animal crossing sequel a year before it came out! They put it back much farther though because they wanted the game to be the best it could be and it paid off very well.

Fun Features

Your friends are able to join your island, or you can join there’s! There’s no point to feel isolated on your own island when you can visit others!

The fact that you get to design and name your character is amazing. You can choose your own style of how you want people to recognize yourself. They don’t force you to wear this and that, it’s all your decision.

We are given much more leverage over our village/island and this is big. The whole resort island is ours to build, decorate, and terraform.

It does help, that the music has a sort of relaxing tune to it, perfect after a long day work- or merely a long boring quarantine. There are tons of villagers to meet and chat with, and better yet, they all have a wide variety of personalities to them.

Final Verdict

Animal Crossing will never be forgotten as it was one of the most popular video games on the switch for a long time! This game had wonderful graphics and was super relaxing during the quarantine.

Overall this is a wonderful game and will please anybody and everybody that gets it. Even if you only like decorating your island it does not matter. I have grown up with the Wii but the Nintendo Switch introduced me to the Nintendo community and I thank it for that. If you want a Nintendo to switch but only for animal crossing well get animal crossing and the switch but more importantly get more games!

  • Tons Of Customizations
  • Relaxing Music & Theme
  • No Violence Involved
  • Suitable For All Age Groups
  • Hours Of Gameplay
  • Repetitive Gameplay
  • Buggy Multiplayer Mode
  • NPCs Are Irritating At Times
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8.3
Audio - 8.7
Longevity - 9.4

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