Apex Legends: Review

User Rating: 8.7

Apex Legends is a multiplayer FPS battle royale game published by the infamous EA, which has been strengthening its player base day after day. Despite being a Free to play game, it has been a tough competitor to the Fortnite and PUBG. Is it any better than them? Is it worth your time? Let’s find out the answers to all your questions!


The story takes places around 30 years after Titanfall 2 and is an indirect sequel, at this time the war between the militia and the IMC was over and there is brutal blood sport event known as Apex Legends, a competition which players compete with each other and fight till there is only one person or team standing alive. The event draws a lot of attention as people join the event in an effort to get fame, wealth, answers or fun.

The characters have their different set of skills, hitbox size, visuals and their stories. The narrative is also solid as they tell more about themselves and focus on the situation. The monetization is actually not really that greedy as the loot boxes will always guarantee that you get the cosmetics you don’t have as in no duplicates.

3 Players Team

Unlike many battle royale games apex only comes in trios but that does not limit its fun. The character selection is amazing and allows players to choose which legend they want. With each legend comes specific abilities and skills that differ from many other battle royale games. Along with the numerous weapon choices and attachments, the lower lobby size creates a smoother feel to the game.

Essentially, you land in Kings Canyon with 20 other squads, each consisting of teams of three Legends. Each legend has its own tactical ability and ultimate which can change the tide of any battle. These range from healing drones, airstrikes, teleportation portals, jump pads and more.

Tons of Features and Newbie Friendly Environment

Apex is a fun game for any skill level gamer and offers easier ways to level up granting free rewards when you ascend to higher levels. Apex is constantly adding new and enjoyable features such as duos and LTM’s such as Fight or Fright and The Winter Express with special legend and weapon skins. However, apex does not offer cross-platform it still is a fun experience for all players. For any players who are interested in a higher pace game should play arena mode, arena grants tougher opponents and is a great way to learn key components of apex such as movement and game sense. For any beginners to apex, there is a training arena and a firing range including all attachments, Armour and weapons

Too Many Awesome Features For Teamwork

Apex Legends has given the emphasis on teamwork with the squad system and Ping system. You can ping almost anything in the game which will place a marker on an object or a symbol on an area (looting, defending, attacking, go here). Ping an enemy far off and your legend says, “Hostile, on my marker!!” You can ping ammo, health drops, whether an area has been looted and many other things with the press of a button with full voice acting from each legend.

Essentially, the Ping system allows you to communicate vital information to your squadmates quickly and without the need for a mic. This kind of ease of life sets Apex apart and further emphasizes the teamwork of each match. While it is possible to win alone, it’s easier and far more satisfying when you do it with your teammates. Apex also offers a respawn system giving those who get killed early or by bad luck a second chance at life, albeit from a dangerously risky manoeuvre required in-game, but with a big payoff.

  • Ranked Matchmaking
  • Friendly Environment For New Players
  • Unique Character Abilities
  • Easy Communication Features
  • Free-To-Play
  • Expensive Skins
  • Longer Matchmaking Time
Gameplay - 8.4
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 9.4
Longevity - 9

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