Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Review

User Rating: 6.6

AC Odyssey is one massive game. Odyssey now fully consists of RPG elements: a leveling system, talent trees, and dialog options which may affect cutscenes or the ending. You also will opt to choose either Alexios or Kassandra as the main character of your adventure.

Major Problems In The Gameplay

As for gameplay, just like origins areas are locked with level requirements and you need to grind to level up your character. The story starts really slow, it picks up when you get to Athens but then it goes slow again and the rest of the game is insanely slow and boring. There is so much to do and it’s not as repetitive as older assassin creed games, so many of them that you will never finish them all without getting bored and stopped playing.

Very historically inaccurate. Spartans have a navy, half the enemies you fight including in large battles are women, armors and weapons are leveled and their models are constantly recycled, many of them are based on fantasy MMORPG designs instead of real armors, most of the character designs are cringe, everyone is too damn brown like they are middle easterners. There is way too much vegetation for islands in the Aegean sea. The area under Sparta looks like the game takes place in Scandinavia during autumn while in reality, it is as sunny and as colorful as your average island. There are snowy mountains which don’t make sense because with that kind of tan that everyone has its clear it takes place during the summer. Dialogues are well- stupid and they are cringe.

Enhanced Sea Activities

The Naval system is now a crucial part of your journey in the huge world. You will require materials as well to upgrade your ship. You can now add a Lieutenant to your ship, where each will add a beneficial stat to your ship. You get one additional Lieutenant as you upgrade the hull of your ship – up to 4. Whenever you are boarding an enemy ship, those Lieutenants of yours will be helpful, as they will aid you in battle.

Uplifting Music Score

Music was also one of the big strengths of this game in the series. It really puts you in the mood whenever you are fighting as a spartan. You will also have a lot of emotional moments at some point in time, and the music really plays a big part in that, which makes your adventure even more memorable.

As you progress through the story, there will be many Assassination targets that you will have to kill. As you kill some of them, you will get a clue which will lead you to the next target. Therefore, you will have to dig your way a lot, until you reach the final target.

The Latest Combat System

The new combat system has been revised, which makes it even more complex: Every three grants you various active abilities where you can assign and then use it during a fight. You now collect every piece of gear (head, chest, hands, legs, feet, bow, weapon) and either replace the old ones by new ones or upgrade by a blacksmith. Compared to Origins, you were gathering materials to upgrade weapon/bow damage. You still have to gather materials to upgrade your gears when going to the blacksmith. Also, a new feature called “engraving” whereby you choose to add some additional stats to one of your pieces of equipment according to your style of play.

The combat is extremely fun and actually requires skill and timing rather than bashing a counter button. The customization from new weapons to armor, to ship designs, to your crew, makes the progression and the entire game that much more fun to play.

The positives are that the game is huge! Like insanely large, almost unbelievable. And it’s not filled with random textures, buildings and open fields, the level of detail and content within every region of this huge scaled map is amazing. Secondly, it looks beautiful, it really Captures the heart and energy of what Ancient Greece probably felt like, some amazing views for sure.

Odyssey Is More Into RPG Now

However, the thing I disliked about it most was the ranking system, so the game is an RPG game and is set out very RPG like. You level your character up by completing missions, defeating enemies that kind of thing. Very simple but a cool addition, however, it’s pretty much pointless in this game because no matter your level, the world, and enemies adjust to your level.

So Really the leveling system doesn’t have a point to it, nor does the upgrading of weapons and armor. This annoyed me when playing because I didn’t feel any “stronger” when leveling up as Alexios (the male character you play as).

Well, To simply put, If you ever played older AC games and love jumping around the buildings and killing templars in stealth, then you are going to be highly disappointed in this game. STEALTH and PARKOUR are not even an option anymore. So, If you are into RPGs, then AC Odyssey is the perfect pick for you.

  • New Combat System
  • Too Much To Explore
  • Visually Appealing Graphics
  • Great Music
  • No Stealth & Parkour Elements
  • Worst Ever Storyline
  • Historically Inaccurate
  • Pointless Level System
  • Horrible Player Animations
Gameplay - 3.6
Graphics - 9.3
Audio - 7.8
Longevity - 5.6

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