Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Review

User Rating: 8.5

AC Valhalla is by far the most complete feeling Assassin’s Creed I have played since Black Flag days. Nothing feels implemented purely for the sake of content like in Odyssey, yet the gameplay is a heap more fleshed out than Origins. It is both a return to the lore the older fans have come to love, and yet embraces the changes the franchise has made since 2017.

I am still blown away by the beauty the world presents. No gameplay mechanic feels added for content’s sake, as everything ties into a different component of the game – overall weaving into an engrossing experience.


This game really sells the feeling of being a Viking and does it in an incredibly fun way. The game progresses very quickly, but from the looks of it, there’s more than enough content to fill several months of playing without getting bored.

The accessibility options are also some of the best I’ve seen all year: I can’t think of much that they left out. Adjustable text size, full subtitles with names, CC to allow hearing-impaired players to not only know what’s happening but to also benefit from knowing where it comes from.

Wolf Companion

Assassin’s creed adding a wolf that can actually fight alongside you absolutely blew my mind! Its sucks that you can only bring the wolf out during combat, kills a lot of the immersion with you and the wolf but still, at least it has the feature.

The game has an interesting setup for character development which is gender-neutral you can play the same character as male or female. Far as I can tell you can switch between both with no real change to the story.

Viking Raids

Valhalla is visually a good looking game and a good opening storyline to follow. But really we are all here to finally Pillage and Plunder during raids. Valhalla does that in spades and with different styles of gameplay is very rewarding. You can stealth and/or go in with axes swinging, up to you no downside to doing either style. Most raids so far have had a mission style feel to them so no unnecessary violence!


Combat is great more free-flowing and easy maneuver than before. The leveling system is different you choose where your stats go via skill points and that raises your total POWER rating. This takes away the grind and allows you to build a character you like.

Hone Eivor as a melee beast or a ranged god or something of a mix between the two. It’s pretty epic once you realize how much control Ubisoft has placed in the hands of players.

However, for Valhalla, the gameplay is sort of repetitive, but in a way that is not boring. Unlike watchdog legion, every fight in Valhalla is going to be a little different, and every area you go to is going to be different too. Which makes it really entertaining and enjoyable.

Smaller Map

The world was not as massive as it was in Odyssey, but the cities and towns were even smaller, making the open-world seem just as empty as the game’s predecessor. There was more stuff put in the open world like small homesteads and military/bandit camps, but they often served little purpose beyond collecting iron and leather, in some cases, armor/weapons.

In all, the open world was boring and lacked any meaningful content. Although I enjoyed building my village, I found that many of the buildings were not useful enough for me to think of utilizing their services.

Parkour? Stealth? Where Is It?

Just like in Odyssey, in Assassins Creed Valhalla, your character doesn’t really feel like an assassin, rather another strong-armed warrior with little need for stealth or deception.

Yes, they added back the hidden blade, but that does not help their score as it should have never been removed in the first place.

Parkour is severely lacking, with too few large city centers in which I could free-run. The skill tree was organized into Melee, Ranged, and Stealth, however, Ubisoft definitely went for quantity over quality for skills, with many of the skills being slight improvements to basic passive stats i.e. light damage, heavy damage, crit.-damage, etc. The abilities were okay, but I often found myself using the hack and slash attacks and only found abilities necessary when fighting bosses.

Is It Another Disappointment?

The effort that has gone into the writing, the soundtrack, the traversal and quality of the world, as well as respect for the lore is incredible! The combat system takes some getting used to but evokes a style reminiscent of the dark soul’s games with the addition of the stamina bar, but so far this has been the only weaker part of the game for me.

If you loved the black flag, origins, or even odyssey, you will love the style and feel of Valhalla.

  • Tons Of Customizations
  • Beautiful Music Score
  • Breathtaking Visuals
  • New Combat System
  • Repetitive Gameplay
  • Highly Unoptimized
  • No Parkour Elements
Gameplay - 7.6
Graphics - 9.1
Audio - 8.9
Longevity - 8.5

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