Battlefield 4: Review

User Rating: 7.9

Chaotic & Interactive Campaign

Battlefield 4 drops you into massive, multi-set piece chaos lightning-in-a-bottle conflict that sadly only lasts a few hours. The story-telling and levels are great and not to be missed, but what really puts this game above others in my eyes is the core characters. All the characters you learn to love and to fight for, over the course of this game and it really pushes the narrative drive through all the explosions and crazy gunfights- I found the last level all the more frantic and emotional because it was about characters I cared for and wanted to avenge.

Whether or not the campaign is good is mostly subjective. I personally liked it and thought it was interesting to use China instead of Russia or some kind of terrorist organization. What’s for sure is that the campaign is bugged in a few places. Mainly a man who phases through your van in the Shanghai mission, and a long time to move when swimming in the South China Sea and Singapore missions.

Bugs Everywhere

Although, the gameplay is decent, there are few major bugs you will encounter while playing the campaign. There will be a mission, where you have to find the black box of a sinking ship, and for some reason, the game doesn’t let you swim underwater. This bug can be easily fixed by pausing the game in the menu for a few seconds. Surprisingly they haven’t yet fixed this bug, which is quite dissapointing.

There are also minor bugs, which includes flying dead enemies and sliding characters.

Your Crew Is Worthless

One more thing, I purely hated about this game is, your companions (who you go to missions within the campaign mode) are totally worthless. Surprisingly, they can’t even hit a single target and neutralize a single enemy. You’ve to do it all yourself!

Your crew will also get caught in stealth missions, resulting in a full flank war, where only you will be in the enemy’s crosshairs, (Not your mates).

Multiplayer Mode

As for the multiplayer, the gunplay is decent, but half of the weapons seem to be about the same performance-wise. However, you might notice a difference when actually handling the weapon in the test range or in a live match. The melee attacks in this game also need a bit of fixing, since if someone gets knifed from the front, 19 out of 20 times they will counterattack, and a counterattack cannot be stopped. Personally, I enjoy multiplayer though. Having a destructible environment, making it also about your teammates and not just you, and involving strategy more often is what hooked me to this.

Our Verdict

The Gameplay is incredible and exciting, there are so many weapons, new equipment, new things, it’s truly amazing. The characters are so well made and done, really interesting personalities and great trademarks. The environment and maps are so well detailed and designed creating a dramatic and really good atmosphere and feel. We highly recommend this game to anyone who likes FPS war games. This game is undoubtedly legendary!

  • Memorable Characters
  • Engaging & Fun Gameplay
  • Active Online Community
  • Plethora Of Weapons To Try
  • Has Major Bugs In Few Missions
  • Relatively Harder Gameplay
  • Less Stealth Opportunities
Gameplay - 8.9
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 8
Longevity - 6.8

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