Battlefield V Review: Is It Really That Bad?

User Rating: 8.2

Battlefield V is arguably one of the best WW2 games of the series and of this generation. If people stopped comparing to the past and look at the future, they have made massive strides! You will always get the haters but no other game has captured the brutality and chaos of war so brilliantly. Despite all the hate and cyberbullies, once again BF V has portrayed the long-forgotten WW2 Stories with accuracy.

Multiple Stories From Different Perspectives

I found the game very thought-provoking with the war stories going through different struggles or normal people. And it was nice to actually see the war from a nazis perspective. I cannot think of any other game which tries to humanize nazis and make you see that they are not all evil doers but also people who also do not agree with what is happening.

Campaign Analysis

There are four different missions with a separate storyline for each. The game essentially focuses on the untold stories of courage and sacrifice from the War and tries to give an eloquent voice to the spirit of their devotion to their nations. The game celebrates such unsung war heroes.

The gameplay is so smooth, you feel as if you are right in the middle of it all. The best thing about the game is its sheer intensity, the way it makes you transfer into the WWII era. After playing this game, I could not properly play another game for a long time because I didn’t feel interested in anything else!

A realistic gritty experience free from all of the ridiculous jumping and flopping around that has plagued other first-person shooters. You could not simply hop your way through a firefight you needed to put accurate effective fires on a target to get kills and it also wouldn’t take you half of a magazine to do it either. The Battlefield Franchise is known for setting itself apart with real destruction, real strategy, realistic damage models, and well just feeling real.

These games have always been an absurd fantasy with over the top dramatized and fantastical versions of already extremely dramatized stories such as “Saving Privet Ryan”. Battlefield 5 has done the same thing, just as historically accurate despite uneducated complaints.

A Great Attention To Details

The sounds are astounding as well as the guns feel like they pack some power behind it, and this is especially good for the vehicles. The campaign mostly revolves around large environments for the player to explore and complete objectives. This gives the player time to investigate at their own pace and gives them the decision to go in stealthy or guns blazing.

Currently, in the story mode, you can only play as a soldier or a tank commander, but this does somewhat let you down. The stories told from each person’s perspective lets you know why they’re essential. I would say that the only flaw to the campaign is that there are fewer stories based on people fighting at places like the D-Day landings. This means that the stories are told from other perspectives mostly behind enemy lines, and it makes it feel as though you’re not fighting in an actual historical battle.

Multiplayer Mode

It’s full of players that range in skill, but if you’re not into losing half and winning half the time, it might not be for you. A lot of BF5 veterans are very skilled. Newer players entering for the first time might find it quite frustrating to get killed by guns and vehicles regularly. Multiplayer modes are for aggressive and competitive players who enjoy a good challenge. It can be quite rewarding, however, and there are many things to strive for, like completing assignments, gaining more company coins, or just trying to get better.


The game strikes a perfect balance between what everyone wants; despite any controversy, sore inflexible players who crave the same thing, the many frustrated players who rage quit, and the massive toxic backlash of misplaced misogyny for adding female characters. Although the campaign is short and multiplayer mode sucks, it feels very convincing to execute the missions and relive the forgotten history. A big thumbs up from us, if you are a casual gamer and enjoy the storyline and the realistic chaos environment.

  • Accurate Portrayal Of WW2
  • Multiple Perspective Storylines
  • Highly Realistic Graphics & Visuals
  • Simplistic Gameplay
  • Only Has 4 Main Missions
  • Multiplayer Mode Is Trash
  • Absurd Damage Mechanics
Gameplay - 8.6
Graphics - 9.8
Audio - 9.4
Longevity - 5

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