Borderlands 3: Review

User Rating: 7.4

Borderlands, All around a banger of a game. So many years this series has developed and really launched what Looter Shooters are today (Destiny and Division come to mind) and really solidify its game with astounding class creation and fluid movement.

Borderlands 3 lives up to its name with so much more on offer than its predecessors, exciting new play modes, weapons that literally blow your enemies to pieces, cool updates, amazing skill tree upgrades which pared classy mods make for such a mixed experience.


You have 4 characters that contain that many skillsets. Along with the perks besides the Augments its a TON of customization.

All around the perk system (Augments, Skill Augments & Passives) really make it an enjoyable and fresh experience. Adding so many ways to build around your character trees. 3 main branches containing 6 whole different main passives and skills (3 & 3).

Gunplay feels incredible. Each with its own unique vibe and creation. Aesthetics are great in BL3. So far the story is very lore heavy, recurring characters that have been there since BL1 throughout.

Villains are definitely not as intriguing or cool as Jack was, but are pretty funny if you like a simple version of the type of humor that Borderlands is known for. Still though, on the topic of humor, I can’t help but feel that the game has dumbed down its jokes, whether intentionally or not.

The Calypsos are funny sometimes, but they are blandly evil if that makes sense. To be honest, the humor can be grating, but it’s not always bad. Side quests are awesome, nearly all the voice acting itself is 10/10 although it’s not the actors’ fault that their characters and dialogue are annoying half the time, and if you like weird, goofy guns and equipment then you’ll love this game. The vault hunters are all equally fun and destructive and with so much diversity in guns, shields, artifacts, etc – there’s a build for everyone!

Repetitive & Unskippable Cutscenes

A ship you launch very early on in the game. Neat, But for all intents and purposes it could be an underground bunker with a picture of Outerspace. It lures you in with the promises of exploring the outer reaches, staring at the expanse before you it becomes apparent there is very little choice happening here, instead of actually getting to explore your way into new zones you’ve become sequestered on this spaceship waiting for the dialogue to end so you can fast travel to the next place and collect item A to bring back to the spaceship.

Sidenote, not a single one of the cut-scenes or dialogues are skippable and it makes playing through the game with any other character an absolute chore.

Just how much time is wasted watching each of these when we’ve already seen them for the umpteenth time. Each time the same grinding line falls upon my ears It becomes a little less meaningful.

Inconsistent Weapon Distribution

How to even get started on the loot, the loot is what we live for…There is no consistency with the weapons, some green guns out damage Purple or even Orange guns. Orange drops are now mostly world drops, farming a boss on Mayhem 3 for a couple of hours will quickly fill your arms with different orange loots. Only 1 or 2 of those might be useful/anointed.

Is Borderlands 3 Worth It?

That being said, it is still the best looter shooter out there with so many nooks and crannies to explore as well as amazing weaponry – each with their own little quirks to suit your play style.

I highly recommend this game if you are a Borderlands fan. To anyone new to this game, it has so much content single-player and multiplayer wise, there’s so much to do, explore, collect, customize, and kill, etc. Also not to mention the replayability aspect. If you’re an avid gamer and love FPS looters, this nails it.

  • Full Of Opportunities To Explore
  • Great Characters
  • Awesome Weapons Selection
  • Engaging Gunplay
  • Presence Of Minor Bugs
  • Lack Of Improvements Since BL2
  • Unskippable Cutscenes
Gameplay - 8.1
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 6.3
Longevity - 7.8

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