Call Of Duty- Black Ops 4: Review

User Rating: 4.8


Starting with zombies, we were given totally new mechanics and game style that didn’t just feel like a continuation of BO3 zombie chronicles. The new maps were innovative and unique, and the new characters were a nice change from the usual crew. The style of the game allowed for lower-level players to be able to actually play the game, unlike BO3 where if you weren’t willing to put in 40 hours of practice, the game was miserable. It was still balanced to be challenging to experienced players, offering new game modes and many fun side quests within the maps.

The zombie’s experience is completely different from an all-new storyline and people are saying they don’t like it as much as the other because they are not used to a new storyline with new characters.

The maps are either way too easy or way to difficulty. Blood Of The Dead was insanely easy to learn and play, which is fine. But maps like Alpha Omega, Voyage of Despair, IX, etc. have a lot of info to learn to even play the map, let alone anything else.


Multiplayer is also a bit improved from the traditional COD gameplays. While it can be incredibly difficult to effectively balance specialists in a multiplayer game, BO4 has it perfect. No specialist is overpowered nor nerfed beyond belief. I’m perfectly happy playing as any of the characters in the game, and I never have to leave a lobby because of what specialists my opponents are running. Scorestreaks can be annoying to face, but they are far from game-ruining.

The game failed to build upon its predecessors in a way that I found satisfying enough to justify its absent campaign. Instead what was found was a murky mess of lore told through bland and outright boring tutorials especially when compared to previous titles. As for the multiplayer, it seems that they chose to double down on the operator system and addressed complaints of their overpowered offensive abilities and troublesome more passive abilities but making them both active by default and making them charge far quicker than before.

Too Many Guns To Choose From

The gun meta is fairly balanced, although since the game is no longer being updated, there are a few overpowered weapons that can be annoying to face. Even with that, there is no huge imbalance between weapon classes, and if you are willing to put in the time for a weapon, any gun can be used successfully. The camo quests are also incredibly fun, and they encourage you to try different classes and not get entrenched in using one gun. Finally, there is no pay-to-win option in this game. No gun is off-limits to those who don’t want to spend money, and no tactical advantage is earned by blowing your paycheck on this game, which I feel is admirable for a company to avoid the obvious urge to cash-grab.


The story was pretty disappointing too, Revelations had a way better ending, and it felt like they just rushed it like it was a nuisance to their time While there is no obvious storyline to play through, BO4 still manages to cram in a massive amount of information available to anyone willing to sit down and look. There are countless connections to the characters of BO3, and the weaving of facts is stupidly intricate. All the information between the two games sets up a fantastic plot for what I theorize will be Black Ops 6: Specialists.

Although BO4 is a utter dissapointment in every aspect, it still a good choice for players who love intense multiplayer battles. If you love campaigns, I wouldn’t reccomend this game to you.

  • Range Of Weapons To Choose From
  • New Zombie Mode
  • Horrible Characters
  • Baseless Campaign
  • Multiplayer Is Same As BO3
  • No Innovations Observed
Gameplay - 3.1
Graphics - 7
Audio - 5.2
Longevity - 4

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