Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Review

User Rating: 8.8

Call of duty modern warfare is by far the greatest call of duty game since the much loved black ops 2, due to a series of refreshing changes to the original formula and a shockingly realistic single-player offering. The campaign explores a variety of relevant problems that occur every day such as suicide bombings, mistreatment of prisoners of war, incompetent people of authority and the list goes on.

Campaign Is Simply Awesome

This time the level design has been reworked to often suit more tactical approaches to a situation, such as taking out lights to remain undetected, slowly edging open a door to get the edge in your opponents and more. I think It’s safe to say that modern warfare has some of the best mission design the series has ever seen. The story, however, although interesting lacks depth and fails to flesh out its characters properly. It’s not terrible and is far better than the disaster that was black ops 3, but it could be better.

Pay Attention (Anyone Can Be The Enemy)

The long-overdue campaign is an ambitious shift that walks a fine line between who the enemies are. Players will face off against standard foreign military forces, but also against common armed civilians which produces larger amounts of tension. This is pushed further with certain mechanics and character sequences that break up gameplay with innovative variety. The gunplay feels much more polished thanks to the gunsmith system overhaul which holds each attachment in high importance; each asset is an investment (not the monetary type) that changes the performance of the gun. Attributes extend past range and accuracy and into more minute details such as recoil control and aim down sight speed.

While the campaign does hold its merits, the underlying concept of “anyone can be the enemy” falls flat due to its underwhelming finale and bland antagonist. It would’ve been a truly compelling prospect to see this series advance to a more thought-provoking conclusion, but the end result felt more simplified than past instalments. From a cooperative standpoint, Spec Ops didn’t feel as complex as I’d hoped. I would’ve liked to see more varied gameplay mechanics similar to the campaign, but it mostly feels reminiscent of earlier entries in the series.

Multiplayer Mode & Kill-Streaks

Now on the multiplayer side, maps have been changed in order to prevent them from feeling far too symmetrical and they generally lean away from three-lane design, contrary to recent titles, and this change is for me very welcome. A lot of people aren’t used to having to learn multiplayer maps and are therefore quite angry about these changes but personally, as a huge fan of cod 4, I absolutely love it. Well, there is one or two maps that play quite badly but aside from the few exceptions, it’s pretty solid. The guns all feel amazing, due to a great weapon balance and some incredible sound design, and I gotta hand it to infinity wars with the extensive gun customization system.

The killstreaks in this game are also pretty powerful, and I’m very glad you have plenty of options to help you deploy them such as the perk that enables scorestreaks, or kill-chain, which allows you to use streak kills to contribute to you earning more streaks.

The Bad Part

Fundamentally the game is broken by its pay seasons/shop system. With new content constantly coming out which first seems like a good thing but after a while, you realize a perfect balanced multiplayer takes years to perfect with its release content.

Graphics Are Not Upto The Mark

Graphics are not what I would expect from something consuming 132GB of HDD space at this point. Mouth movements during cutscenes barely match what’s being said. The recommended settings for lighting are tragic. It drowns the world in mostly darkness so you can hardly see anything during the nighttime missions. The daytime ones aren’t much better being washed in all of the same drab realistic colours with nothing to really distinguish enemies and allies apart. Realistic? Yes. Fun to play? Not at all.

Is It Worth Playing?

Ultimately Modern warfare is a solid first-person shooter experience and scores points for its brutal campaign and its refreshing multiplayer formula. Multiplayer can be difficult at first but once you get hold of it, you are going to have a hard time getting out of your chair.

  • Stunning Visuals and Graphics
  • Great in-game Soundtracks
  • Best In Class Campaign
  • Lots Of Customization Options
  • In-game Store is Heavily Monetized
  • Multiplayer Sucks
  • Lack Of Weapon Balancing
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 9.7
Audio - 9.4
Longevity - 7.6

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