Call Of Duty: Warzone

User Rating: 6.5

Warzone is a very unique battle royale. It’s not just a copy of other battle royales, so those who have played apex legends or Fortnite before are going to have to change their strategy a little bit. I love the huge map and 150 players because it gives lots of action.

Warzone is objectively bad from virtually every angle you look at it from. We can analyze each factor of the game effectively by looking at it from a straightforward viewpoint. I, for one, have no motivation to either like or hate this video game. I’ve never been into COD, so I am neither emotionally attached nor angrily nostalgic about previous games.

Plunder Mode

Plunder has a lot of options for winning. They recently lowered the teams to 2 man teams so it’s not impossible to break into the top 10 on your own if you know what you’re doing and are pretty good at the game. They also recently increased the number of cash balloons you can find, which decreases the risk of running into campers at helipads. You can win by looting, killing top-earning players, getting cash drops, or completing missions. Usually, some combination of the three.

Battle Royale

in this mode the area shrinks appropriately, it does force some movement and the loot system is pretty open which makes it good if you know how to kill. You can revive through the Gulag or by getting bought back into the game via a teammate.

The bad, The gulags need to be updated. It’s a really cool concept but it just comes across as meh. The weapons are underpowered and the area you fight in is rinky dinky. With how much damage it takes to be killed, the advantage to win often just goes to whoever is the best with a marksmanship rifle or a sniper rifle and can find a spot to hide away at or patrol around.

Sneaky Campers and Overpowered Vehicles

A lot of people are complaining about campers, but I feel like the game rewards people who are aggressive because the gulag gives a second chance, and the more you kill, and the more contracts you do, the more money you get. Then you can track campers with a UAV so they don’t become much of a problem (if they don’t have a ghost).

My only problem with the game is that vehicles are overpowered because they can kill someone with full armor in one hit and that it’s really hard to know where an enemy is while listening for footsteps.

Major Setbacks

Very poor climbing mechanics and a slow tick rate on servers will lead to a lot of games ending in an unsatisfactory way.

Also, Hitboxes seem a little excessive and too easy to hit, excluding the hitboxes of people in vehicles that don’t seem to correctly convey the location of the person.

Toxic Community & Hackers

Just a generally toxic community when playing on squads with a large number of people dropping out of the game quickly as soon as they die, people who may refuse to revive you should you get knocked, people who will take the best weapons possible.

The anti-cheat system is clearly flawed, at the current time, as I have personally seen many very clear cheaters using aimbot and seemly getting away with it.

This is a game where you get on and people are camping in the zone using an MP5 as a DMR, literally lasering you from 500 yards away. Even as you barely peek behind cover with a thermal sniper rifle straight on their head, you’re literally annihilated. This is a game where hacking is almost encouraged. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Multiple Gameplay Modes
  • 150 Players Lobby
  • Much Bigger Map
  • Character Customizations
  • Filled With Hackers
  • Gun Power Imbalance
  • Pay To Win Model
Gameplay - 5.6
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 4.5
Longevity - 8.1

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