Call Of Duty: WW2 Review

User Rating: 4.8

CoD has been widely famous for constantly delivering war games without disappointing players. This time we are going to review CoD World War 2, which was released back in 2017, which received a mixed response from the gamers around the world. This game is very factual and you could learn something about ww2 from it, like the maps are very similar to the places where they actually fought, the guns are alike, and they have the campaign missions that are convincing enough.

Problems With The Gameplay

Nothing annoys gamers more than “Dumb NPCs”, In this game your squadmates are very forgettable and not very fleshed out. Most are there just to run up to get more health packs or more ammo. In short everyone in this game is dumb (except you).

Second, the tank and plane missions were awesome but it was ruined because of awful controls and stiff gameplay. I think a third person tank mode is better than a first-person, as it gives you a better perspective around your environment.

The third major problem I found in this game is, you only get to fight the Nazis in this game and not the other axis power countries like Japan or Italy. Like in the world at war the Japanese soldiers were unpredictable and made the game fun and you were always on your toes waiting for another ambush.

If there are things I like about the gameplay is the weapons, I like the sections of this game where you shoot down enemy aircraft (the turret not the fighter aircraft) and think some of the missions were pretty good. Like the D day mission was great and the other missions were really action-packed.

The offline campaign missions are way too short, as if they seem to care more about how everything else looks other than having longer, more convincing gameplay.

They Messed Up The Multiplayer Too

Now coming to the multiplayer. The first one they need to fix the snipers. Most of the time I die in this game is a sniper and the only way you can survive is by poking your head around taking a few shots at them and go to cover or having a sniper your self. So they should make the sniper a weaker gun. And there is way too much grenade spam to the point where the screen is covered with close grenade warnings and you blow up.

In any stretch of the imagination. I do, however, think they screwed the multiplayer for one reason. The maps. These maps are some of the worst, most poorly designed maps in gaming history. The graphics were quite nice, the gunplay was very good; though, good gunplay can be said for most cod games. But for me, it all comes down to the maps. I only enjoyed 1-2 maps, out of them all. And for me, maps make or break a cod game. Same with black ops 4; the maps are legitimate garbage. I think if people who hated this game when it first came out came back to play it now, their problems would all be fixed. I think that’s the main reason everyone rags on this game.

Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

COD MW2 was fun and it was realistic enough to make you feel like you were right in the game yourself. Some parts will leave you in tears while others will make you feel like a real-life hero. You may like this game if you are interested in World War II and want to learn about the war stories behind it. If you’ve already played Battlefield V or Battlefield 1, I don’t think this one is going to surprise you.

  • Famous War Missions
  • Chaotic & Immersive Campaigns
  • Multiple War Modes
  • Unconvincing Graphics
  • Fast-paced Campaigns
  • Horrible Choice Of Soundtracks
  • Unconvincing Gun Sounds
  • Partial Portrayal Of WW2
Gameplay - 4.3
Graphics - 7.2
Audio - 3.6
Longevity - 4

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