Control Review

User Rating: 6.6

Control is a fantastic entry point to its unique storytelling style. It manages to take third-person shooter and action-adventure game tropes and flip them into its own surreal, fascinating style. A neo-noir game with many internal dialogues happening with the protagonist. The story drips feed to the audience and its thriller narrative is compelling for the player but the conclusion is not entirely satisfying.

It starts off like most games do – with you going for an interview and ending up being hired as the director of a large government facility.  Your job is to clean things up and along the way you get a bunch of psychokinetic powers that would make Neo jealous.

The world is intricately made with souls like backtracking and opening of shortcuts and plenty of hidden areas worth exploring. As enemies spawn randomly it’s never boring as u explore the oldest building.

Combat and Overall Control Is Amazing

The controls are fluid and the ease to use each and every technique is welcome especially when games tend to convolute games with complications. The best thing from the game is the combat, the ability to fire a sidearm and fire projectiles using your abilities is truly satisfying. Something that I fault with the combat is the evade skill is tied to your ability meter so in hectic moments you can be left vulnerable once depleted.

Get Ready for Some Heavy Action Gameplay!!

The game is heavily action-oriented and you will be killing hordes of enemies but it never gets old since you feel like a badass doing so and the pacing of the game is very good in breaking up the monotony. It also features some extremely well thought out puzzles but can occasions be a tad obscure.

There is a lot of secrets areas and backtracking involved and some hidden side quests which results in some very challenging boss battles. The main game itself is not terribly difficult with odd difficulty spikes here and there, it’s the sub-bosses from side missions that become the problem, with fights sometimes coming off as unfair with so many enemies and things attacking you.

There are definitely parts of the game that are hard – you respawn at the last control point when you die so you can try again or do something else.

You have a whole lot of weapon and personal mods you collect and can use to enhance your abilities and weapon how you’d like too.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be throwing enemies around with your launch ability, seizing control of their minds and blasting your way through each challenge as it comes at you.

The Bad Part

The only thing dragging this awesome game down is the long loading times (sometimes up to 40 – 50 seconds long), it may not sound long but IT IS. The map is atrocious and not really of much help, just giving an overview of the whole area but of no use in plotting destination or accurately depicting path.

Musical Score and The Stunning Reflections

The graphics are great, there are so many details in the environments and nearly everything is destructible with debris and items flying around. The colour palette can at times get monotone but during latter sections thankfully if varies a bit more. Locations are varied but remained confined to indoors.

The musical score is brilliant surging through moments of intensity and a latter portion of the game the protagonist pumps an adrenaline soundtrack while demolishing scores of enemies. Voice acting is strong and the lead character is strong and at the same time very conflicted, sadly side casts are just present each with their quirks but they don’t feel fully fleshed out.

Is It Worth Your Money and Time?

There is the basic framework for a great game and if a sequel happens, it can be truly amazing. The game is probably one of the most fun I’ve had with a video game in quite some time just marred by the aforementioned problems. If you have time to explore something unique, give it a try, you won’t regret it!

  • Stunning Visuals
  • Great Attention To Details
  • Awesome Gameplay
  • Top Tier Musical Score
  • Longer Loading Time
  • Dull Voice Acting
Gameplay - 8.4
Graphics - 9.2
Audio - 7.5
Longevity - 8

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