Death Stranding: Review

User Rating: 8.4

Death Stranding is the latest masterpiece from the genius that is Hideo Kojima. From its brilliant, well-thought storyline to the gameplay itself, Death Stranding has been a great ride! This is, undoubtedly, one of the best games that I’ve played so far.

Its Post-Apocalyptic Storyline Is Full of Twists and Turns

The story will definitely get you to want to keep playing, since not only is it long enough, but stays interesting all the way to the end, always unexpected but fascinating. The story itself is, obviously in a good way, different, full of imagination and plot twists. The more one progresses, the more things make sense in a brilliant way.

An extinction event known as the Death Stranding has left what was previously the United States, shattered and divided into cities across the continent. You play as Sam Bridges, a simple courier who has been tasked with the overwhelming job of reconnecting America by journeying all the way west, from sea to sea. At the risk of trying to be different, the game may be too slow or too difficult for some people.

I think the game’s main strength – besides its to date amazing story – is its way of fostering a real, genuinely friendly sense of online community whilst never letting you directly speak to other players; signs of various messages and the structures players leave for each other, are the main ways to connect with other players in this game. The only way I could describe the feeling is being alone, yet never isolated.

Gameplay Is Slow but Interesting

In a world that can sometimes seem so bleak and divided, Death Stranding teaches players a valuable lesson in community and goodwill. It teaches you to be grateful for the community. Everyone is walking the same path and the weight you carry is not yours alone. And if the game didn’t feel so difficult and tedious at times, that lesson would not hit so hard.

The gameplay is entertaining, challenging and relaxing all at the same time. It is, indeed, a whole new genre. The best part is that it combines various different types of gameplay such as stealth, shooting and open world mechanics. The main idea of the game, delivering cargo, may seem boring when one first hears of it, but it’s a whole different story experiencing it. The graphics are also incredibly good for a game with such a big map yet its hard drive space is tiny compared to any other game with so detailed graphics.

In the early game, you’re primarily on foot; traversing the highly detailed and difficult to navigate the environment, whilst avoiding almost ghost-like entities called ‘BTs’ and delivery terrorists, is a lot of fun, and provides a constant challenge to the player. The game risks becoming a bit repetitive and, dare I say it, even potentially dull by the time chapter three comes around – however, it’s here where you discover the true breadth of quality Death Stranding has to offer; suddenly, you can build roads, you become more confident in creating structures for other players to use, you feel rewarded when you receive likes from other players around the globe for said structures, and you can zip around the map in no time. Suddenly, those side missions you thought would take too long and be too tedious you actually want to do!

Is This Game Worth Playing?

Death Stranding might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are in for an unforgettable, amusing and unique gaming experience you should definitely give it a shot. Death Stranding is, after all, a Hideo Kojima game.

Anyway, Long story short I am beyond full-heartedly recommend this game for all story-driven/action-based/Hideo Kajima fans out there. But don’t just take my word for it I dare you to try it out and find out yourself.

  • Well Optimized Game
  • Highly Engaging Gameplay
  • Can Be Really Boring Sometimes
Gameplay - 8.4
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 8
Longevity - 9.5

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