Disco Elysium: Review

Disco Elysium is an extraordinary game compared to other RPGs with its characters, depth of choices, dystopic-nihilistic story, watercolour graphic style, cleverly chosen music and most of all the fantastic writing. It is a unique experience, a quietly important game with a thrilling effect on the player.

Impressive Gameplay

Disco Elysium is a darkly hilarious RPG/Point-and-Click Adventure written by Estonian novelist Robert Kurvitz that mixes a story of drugs, sex, disco, dystopia, and politics into a well thought out and in-depth roleplaying mechanic.

How you choose to investigate the murder (or even IF you choose to investigate it) are completely up to the player’s discretion. You can be a hardboiled no-nonsense authoritarian, a judicious and fair investigator, and intimidating renegade cop, a smooth-talking manipulator, sly and wily seducer, or any other type of person justified in the game’s 24 different skills in the skill tree. All these skills will constantly be tested and rolled against like a traditional RPG with dice-rolling mechanics. Your individual path to success or failure will depend on what mix of skills, attributes, and equipment you choose.

Awesome Roleplay & Storytelling

The roleplaying mechanic is a balancing act of attributes and skills and there is no real preference given to what sort of character you can make. The game’s two “health meters” are your health and your morale.

Getting too high or too low in either of these can lead to dire consequences. If you have too high a psyche then you might drive people away with how high and mighty you are. Too low a psyche and you become despairing, unstable, and belligerent. Being a physical weakling means you’ll be given a heart attack if hit by a stiff wind while being too mighty makes you punch a guy so hard that you knock him out and can’t talk to him anymore.

It Is Full of Quirky Humour and Cheesy Dialogues

However, the story turns out you will assuredly get a chuckle out of the cynical and cheesy dialogue as your multiple inner monologues (all 24 skills, the fractured parts of your psyche, and different parts of your body have distinct voices) all vie for your attention and argue over each other like spoiled children after their father’s love. All the voices are a council inside your head trying to drive you in different directions at once. How you choose to organize them, listen to them, or ignore them (because their advice can sometimes lead to a bad decision) can be the key to cracking the game’s main mystery and salvaging what is left of your spotted and sordid career.

Disco Elysium is a dialogue-heavy and story-driven game that is a must-have for people who enjoy RPGs.

The marvellous modelling and categorization of a human being overall attributes is a wonder and it’s a pure joy to re-set those abilities over and over again and see how the approach to solving the problems change.

Is It Worth Playing?

Disco Elysium is full of quirky humour, deep political philosophy, and absolutely brilliant writing from start to finish. The mechanics are simple and the gameplay never wavers from point-and-click detective work, but these are not critiques. Rather, they highlight the game’s core strength of storytelling.

This game will capture your heart and mind with a compelling narrative, a deeply disturbed protagonist, and the wonderful interplay between the pieces of his mind. It’s relaxing yet has you on the edge of your seat wanting to play more. I cannot recommend this game highly enough.

  • Full of Quirky Humour
  • Suspenseful and Engaging
  • Commendable Attention To Details
  • Can Be Very Boring At Some Points
  • Has Too Much Unneccessary Details
Gameplay - 9.3
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 9.4
Longevity - 8.3

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