Fallout 76: Review

User Rating: 7

Post-Apocalyptic Storyline

26 years after nuclear bombs dropped, the world is not very hospitable. You will need to learn how to survive in this new world by meeting the locals and building up your reputation with them. That’s what Fallout 76 is about.

Fallout 76 portrays a world where the dwellers of a Vault full of the most advanced people finally crawl out from under their rock and try to rebuild a world. A world that USED to be inhabited by people such as the Responders, Brotherhood of Steel, Fire Breathers, Raiders, and others. But a plague of zombie-like creatures and Scorch Beasts has pretty much-obliterated everybody.

Exploration & Crafting Is Fun

FO76 is very rich when it comes to environmental detail. Being a post-apocalyptic setting, you’ll find rich settings where the layouts of broken furniture and junk tell their own story, often supplemented with readable notes or audio holotypes. It can be mesmerizing to immerse yourself into building a vision of the Fallout world shortly before and after its Great War.

In FO 76, you can loot nearly everything. Every piece of junk you pick up can be broken down into components and used to craft items or build your base. The crafting system is easily the best way to mold your character into your preferred playstyle, and base-building has the added angle of having other players to show off to. Be forewarned, if you dive heavily into these aspects of the game, you will spend a lot of time hunting down schematics.

This Game Is Empty

This is an aspect that is sorely missing. One of my favorite aspects of previous Fallout entries has been character interactions, but without any human NPCs, FO76 feels eerily empty and quite lonely. Playing with other players in the multiplayer mode is not even the remedy, though doing so can lead to fun interactions in their own right.

Those who enjoy following questlines will find that, along with a lack of NPCs taking from the experience, quests are often designed with dramatic level leaps. While this works for people who tackle non-linear games in a meandering way, this may be frustrating for those who are more goal-oriented. This game feels designed around primarily leveling up through exploration and participating in public events.

Attention To Details

In Fallout 76 you will also need to learn how to survive because you will get sick from radiation and could die from it. You can die from hunger and thirst. If you ever played Fallout 4 HardCore mode this takes it to the next level. There is no pausing in the game. When you bring up your pip-boy during the battle, the enemies keep shooting at you.

When you enter a house, it’s not just any house. Most of the items were carefully placed there by the developers. For example, any Stephen King fan would know the Torrance manor and the Overlook Cabin names instantly. Just be mindful of the toy blocks, placement of gnomes and teddybears and so many other objects in this game.

Is It Worth Your Time & Money?

Although this game correctly entertains the idea of a post-apocalyptic world and the struggles, this game turns boring once you realize you are almost alone in the world and there is no person (NPCs you can connect to). Fallout 76 has seen major improvements from the Fallout 4 in terms of Graphics and Storyline, still, It lacks the true connectivity that keeps you engaged in the game.

  • Huge Exploration Opportunities
  • Crafting Is Fun
  • New Weaponry
  • Beautiful West Virginia Graphics Settings
  • Lack Of NPCs
  • Glitches & Bugs Are Everywhere
  • Map Is Unnecessarily Big
Gameplay - 7.6
Graphics - 7.1
Audio - 5.6
Longevity - 7.6

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