Far Cry 5: Review

User Rating: 9.2

Truly Open World Gameplay

FarCry 5 has a phenomenal, overarching storyline, with amazing characters, tremendous gameplay, multiple endings, and an experience that will make you beg to play more. It is set in real-world conditions, so you feel like you are part of the game, and seems as if the action is happening right outside your window. It has an overwhelming arsenal of weapons all for you to experiment with, no matter your fighting style, they have a weapon for you. It is 100% free-world, so if you feel the need, you can take a break from the breathtaking plot and partake in the many, many side missions. I have completed this game two times over because I cannot get enough of the incredible work of art that is Far Cry 5.

Dull Character Development and Storytelling

Far Cry franchise is well known for its Open-world, lots of freedom, nice shooting, difficult but fair gameplay, good story, an interesting concept, good characters, etc. But after killing the villain and moving on to Faith’s region I realized something. It’s the same thing. There’s almost nothing different except for one thing: the cool characters are gone. No more badass Pastor Jerome, no more angry John, nothing. Instead, you got one of your cop buddies and a drug lord. This game has so much potential wasted. Do I think it’s a good game? Yes, I think it’s an amazing game, it just lacks the art of storytelling and characters.

This is not a game to be hated or loved. It’s a game that exists. If it had been done better, it would have been worthy of the high scores it received. Also, I have a feeling that this game was based on true stories that happened here in the U.S. despite the claim that it’s entirely fictional. Some of the things portrayed sound exactly like some events I’ve read about, as though it was a thought experiment to see what would have happened if the issues had been left to fester.

It Lacks Innovation

The game is so heavy-handed in its themes and while it gives you “choices” everything ends up the same. It’s disappointing because previous FarCry games have been some of my favorite games of all time but this one is just excruciating. You have to sit through like 5 monologues per baddie and each is as dry and repetitive as the last. The story takes your suspension of disbelief and throws it back in your face and overall it feels like you have so little involvement in the actual way the game plays out. The gameplay is satisfying and well done but then goes and stops dead whenever it chooses so you could get captured for the 10th time. After all this, you’d think that at least you get that satisfying big bad kill at the end, like every far cry before it, even if you had to sacrifice your humanity it’s worth it for those words “The King is Dead”. But no, you sit through all the cutscenes, watch father scream and ramble and then it turns out he’s right? Imagine if far cry 5 ended with you learning that Pagan Min was elected or something and you’d been helping human traffickers the entire time. At least you wouldn’t have to listen to the same 6-second loop of the hymn over and over.

Is It Worth Playing?

Far Cry 5 does everything better with additional features to make it unique. The shooting mechanics are fun. The addition of AI teammates opens up a lot of tactical approach to combat. The characters are quite relatable and have a Okay-ish personality. The story and cinematics are strong and never feel overstretched. The Map is vast with full of things to do and explore. The world feels connected, vibrant, and always happening. The music brings out the South American feel during menus and exploration. Inventory, crafting, and leveling systems have been made very simple and accessible from a single menu (tab). Apart from a few bugs and glitches, there is hardly anything to complain about.

  • Realistic Graphics and Visuals
  • High End Weapon Mechanics
  • Vast Open World Map
  • Multiple Endings
  • Great Characters
  • Repetitive Gameplay
  • Poor Character Development
Gameplay - 9.1
Graphics - 9.8
Audio - 9.3
Longevity - 8.7

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