Far Cry- New Dawn: Review

User Rating: 7.7

New Dawn is the last episode of Ubisoft’s popular series FarCry, it starts 17 years past where its last episode (FarCry 5) ended. it seems that after what happened with Joseph something like an apocalypse occurred and people were forced to live underground but after 17 years as the game begins people start to come back to the surface of the earth.


At the beginning of the game, you get to choose your character between both genders, and then you can customize whatever you have chosen but I must say that the number of clothes and outfits which you can use is so limited even with Ubisoft club and even if you have unlocked all available clothes they are still a very small range of them and you can’t really customize your character.

The characters itself like the past far cry episodes it not so touchable and you don’t get to know him/her well and the story is more about the unplayable characters.

As you know the most important thing about the FarCry series is its villains and its villains are why this series is popular. but unfortunately, after FarCry 4, the villains weren’t as good as they used to be, FarCry 5 at first made a great villain out of Joseph but the awful ending of the game just destroyed all they had made.

Sound & Graphics

The game’s graphics have improved a lot from “primal” and it even a little better than the Farcry 5 but it still can improve a lot more I experienced the game on ultra-high, the shadows were great the environment was a lot better than the previous episodes but it still could be a lot better.

The game had some locations (like the prison, the fighting arena, and the derby arena) that made it special from the other games and the gameplay in those locations was a lot better and it was more enjoyable.

New Dawn soundtracks were actually great, and it made the missions so more enjoyable and even a little stressful, Ubisoft had done a great job in choosing the right soundtracks it has made the gameplay a lot better.

Fun Characters

This game has tons of memorable characters that didn’t take themselves too seriously, but still had enough depth to be unique in their own right! The villains, while corny, were presented to the player without apology. They knew what the were set out to do and did it with a focused and yet somewhat gentle brutality. The allies had a certain tenderness while keeping a certain sense of humor about them, as to not let the players feel completely depressed when the found themselves in dire circumstances.

Everything the NPCs say sounds like you are hearing a monotone person try to sound happy or sad or even remotely angry. The voice acting feels like the studio took random people from the street who were a minority and asked if they wanted money.

  • Gorgeous Visuals
  • Interesting & Fun Characters
  • Mind Blowing Attention To Details
  • Short Campaign
  • Is More Like A DLC for FC5
Gameplay - 8.2
Graphics - 9.7
Audio - 7.8
Longevity - 5.2

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