FIFA 2020: Review

User Rating: 2

It’s Just A Pay To Win Game

The algorithm of the game is so fixed it’s actually unbelievable, how it was allowed it to make it to the game is bizarre. You could win 4 to 5 games on the bounce with ease, struggle a game to maybe draw, then you will lose 5 to 6 games in a row. In the loss games, your team feels weakened.

Players feel slower, passing is less accurate, you make tackles but the opposing player somehow gets the ball and leaves your player behind. You clear a ball from your penalty box and it lands straight at the feet of the opposition.

Horrible Controls

Your players don’t man-mark at all. When attacking your forward players may as well not be there as they can’t string a pass together. You may be fortunate to be on goal but the ball will hit the post, go well wide or over, the opposition goalkeeper will suddenly make an outrageous save or their defender will get in a crucial block just as you are about to pull the trigger to shoot. Within 10minutes of in-game time, you can tell that you will lose.

You spend your time to set up your team to run in behind to get them through balls on goal, 5/10 times your strikers/wingers will not attempt to run in behind. When they do make that run you want, your player on the ball is often too slow on the ball to make the pass even though you pressed A, X or Y about 5 seconds ago. This results in your player being offside.

Rigged Shooting & Dumb AI Team

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got Oblak, Allison, Ederson between the sticks, they are hopeless. They save 90% of the shots that should go in and let in 100% of the shots that are aimed at the keeper. They are hopeless at the near post as a simple finesse or low driven shot will eliminate the keeper from the game. One on one situations they are actually overpowered when a normal shot is taken, but a simple dink over the top with a striker with 70+ shooting will score 8/10 times. Distribution after a save is actually awful.

Your team will always do the opposite of what I have them instructed to do and that usually leads to changes and/or a cheaply made goal. If you make a cross in from your winger into the box for your striker to “finish off”, your striker will more than likely bottle the shot, have the keeper save it instantly regardless of power or direction on it, or not make a smart choice in their situation.

Presentation & Commentary

The presentation is now really outdated – the commentary feels rigid and unauthentic, the walkouts and pre-match stuff looks and feels false (honestly, for it to be FIFA 20 and you still have man united walking out at Old Trafford on the wrong side of the tunnel), this is in comparison to PES that has a dramatically lower budget that tries to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Is FIFA Worth Buying?

The gameplay is the worst thing about this Fifa, it’s really poor, crossing doesn’t work, passing doesn’t work, shooting doesn’t work. Goalkeepers are either overpowered or completely poor and save nothing.

The passing is incomplete and doesn’t work Strange, isn’t it? The AI doesn’t work and is routinely out of position, it’s like they have a mind of their own half the time and just ignore what you say. In a nutshell, FIFA 2020 is trash and one shouldn’t buy trash.

  • Good Story Mode
  • Different Gameplay Modes
  • Horrible Controls
  • Bad Feedback From AI Teammates
  • Irritating Microtransactions
  • Terrible Gameplay
  • FIFA Points Are Pointless
Gameplay - 2.1
Controls - 1.2
AI - 3.1
Innovations - 1.5

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