Fire Emblem- Three Houses: Review

User Rating: 8.6

In Three Houses you get to experience the story through a different set of eyes each new route you take and each time you play it brings something new to the table. My emotions ran high from start to finish and not to mention the thrilling gameplay.

Combat & Characters

Commanding your units into battle will have you strategically trying to find the best way to route your enemy and nothing beats the anticipation of seeing if your plans work out. The combat gave you a lot of options when it came down to fighting the enemy, either cut to the chase and defeat the leader and be done with it, or take your time, gain experience, and make you and your companions stronger.

All of the characters each have there own traits and quirks that make me really happy about having them on my team. The storyline is absolutely captivating, and watching your students progress throughout the game fills you with a sense of pride There are plenty of emotional moments, and this game will make you laugh and cry many times (that’s for sure).

Every character is different, has their likes and dislikes, their response to tragedy and betrayal and you can quickly form your opinion on them as people which kinda freaks me out because it’s so close to real life


There’s always plenty of moments where you’re torn in your decisions and feel conflicted, and it was impossible for me to hate any of the characters when I saw their struggles and know what they’re going through. The first part starts out a little generic, but it is necessary to introduce you to the game’s world. You play as a mercenary who becomes a professor at the Officer’s Academy, and you are introduced to a diverse cast of characters who all have different backgrounds, ways they attended the academy, and speech styles.

By the time you grow to get to know these characters the five-year skip of the game approaches, and that is where the game branches off depending on what house you chose. All of the students change, some more than others, and you come back to intense conflict and there are heartbreaking decisions to be made.

This game offers vastly different stories depending on the house you chose, which makes it a game that you are encouraged to replay to get more of the full story each time.

Three Houses have a great story with so many variations that make replay it enticing because I wanted to see how the game would be affected based on different choices.

Epic Music and On Spot Voice Acting

Not to mention with the new game+ feature, it made the second and third playthrough more rewarding than even the first. the quality of the voice acting in the game is phenomenal, literally, every character has a voice and it makes me happy to know that each voice matches with the character and that they don’t drop when it comes to how much effort they put into their character.

The voice acting in this game deserves a pile of Oscars. Usually, English dubs aren’t that believable but the voices are so good in this that I’m defeated by the epicness.

So take a leap of faith and buy this game. You won’t regret it. You can easily spend 80+ Hours on this game.

  • Fun & Interesting Characters
  • Massive Campaign
  • Outstanding Storyline
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Graphics Could Have Been Improved
  • Limited Character Customizations
  • A Little Expensive
Gameplay - 9.3
Graphics - 6.2
Audio - 9.7
Longevity - 9.2

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