Gears 5: Review

User Rating: 5.2


The story is exciting and you get to check-in with old characters like Cole, Baird, and Marcus, but also revisit old locations. There are open-world parts of the game, with side missions and loads of area to explore, and I personally think it’s not perfect, but nothing is. And our little bud from the older games, Jack, is back and new and improved! You get to utilize special abilities that Jack can use like cloaking or a shield. Now each character has different guns they spawn with and each as a special ability that is unique to them. And versus is a lot of fun too.

The automatic supply drop system mixed with medals, and weekly challenges to unlock characters and weapon skins is also a disappointment. Truth be told I enjoyed grinding out a few matches of the horde or versus in order to receive enough credits to buy a few elite supply boxes or individual skins at my leisure.

Escape Mode

The escape mode seems to be okay so far in regards to the community actually added maps to the spice of up each run in the fight to escape the hive. Do I think that this game-mode made the game in comparison to how blackout made Blacks Ops 4? Absolutely not. I can think of a million other game-modes the creators could have come up with that would have been more polished and fun.

Horde Mode Is Disappointing

The horde mode is a little bit of a disappointment in regards to how it’s structured and in reality, is nothing at all like Gears Of War 4 horde mode that we all know and love. The fact that you cannot choose what character you want with the class you want is a disappointment. The special abilities are a cool add on but I feel as though you should be able to choose if you want to be in a lobby with that option for each class, the icon to activate the ability kind of just sits in the middle of your screen.

The Bad Part

This game packs more eye-rolling cringeworthy dialogue than its predecessor did. The sprawling and diverse landscapes you’ll encounter are gorgeous to look at and explore for the surplus of collectibles to hunt, but as time progressed Gears of War has forgone some of its meatier aspects. Notable absentees are among the lack of physics objects and environmental reactivity to the fighting around you as well as your movement. Not to mention that the violence is also far tamer much like Gears 4 and unlike the original trilogy. This is also one of the shortest Gears games with only four acts this time around, even if act II & III are more open-ended in how you traverse them.

There do seem to be glitches between cut scenes where you are walking out of an area and into a different one. This breaks the immersion a bit and can get a little annoying. Luckily this doesn’t happen too often because that might just kill it!


If you play ranked matches than you cannot play solo, especially if you are ranked high. If you are ranked high the opposing team will have either all high and mid-rank players or all mid-level players while in your team you will be the only high ranked player and all 4 of your teammates will be low ranked teammates.

  • More Detailed Characters
  • Smoother Gunplay
  • Interesting Storyline
  • Packed With Glitches
  • Short Campaign Mode
  • Unstable Multiplayer Servers
  • Cliched and Cringe Worthy Dialogues
Gameplay - 5.5
Graphics - 6.8
Audio - 4
Longevity - 4.3

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