Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Review

User Rating: 7.6

Ubisoft has tried in the past to discourage players from attacking high-level enemies by making them bullet sponges but in this game, if you are smart and stealthy you can venture into the highest level areas without worrying about being found out since headshots always work.


The gameplay is what you’d expect. Stealth missions with the option to throw caution to the wind and go loud. That defeats the entire purpose of a GR title! Character movement and vehicle operation are MUCH smoother than Wildlands was. The gameplay is definitely a downgrade from its predecessor.

Although it is very comparable to wildlands, which I loved and played for hundreds of hours, again that’s not the problem either. The problem is the game is unfinished. I don’t blame the developers, I blame whoever forced the poor decision of releasing this far before it was ready. It’s borderline immoral. It feels like an Alpha. Even though it’s almost a year since it was released, Breakpoint is still filled with glitches that are hard to ignore.

More Dumb AI Teammates

The “new” ai teammates are literally the same as wildlands, with the ability to customize 1 of their weapons, leaving them with an additional plain assault rifle that looks out of place. Same stupid running around when “cleared hot”. They never change to their secondary weapon so why have it. Also If you set the game to have only 1 weapon, they still have 2, so ruins the immersion.

Level Design Is An Upgrade

The level design is the best it’s been. It’s definitely an improvement over wildlands and if you’re coming from that game it will be welcomed. The weather system is more dynamic, the towns and villages feel less generic, the swamps and jungles are fun to fight in, and there’s no shortage of mud to roll around in and get yourself all covered up!

Some New Elements

There is a thermal equipped UAV that can basically always spot you unless you drop into prone camo (covering yourself with snow or mud to mask your heat signature). I panic a little bit every time it flies over me. If you are spotted, you get a pretty tough fight dropped right on your head.

The second thing that I observed in this game is that You can’t just run down a mountainside. If you do, you will wind up barreling down, severely injuring your character on the way. However, if you carefully step down a mountainside in the crouching position, you can navigate down pretty much any incline, even very steep ones.

Injuries are more lifelike. Severe injury seriously limits your mobility, forcing you to find a spot to patch up your wounds before continuing on. If you wrap a wound yourself, your character walks around with the bandage on for a pretty long time. Of course, if you have a friend who is a medic, they can suture you up properly on the battlefield.

Combat Is Satisfying

Sniping is extremely satisfying, especially when you pull off headshots from 350-400m out (you’ll want the sharpshooter perks for this). Quickly pulling off 3-4 headshots in a row to wipe out an entire squad before they can even try to hide is always a nice feeling too.

Each enemy base has a unique layout which forces you to recon them before running in guns blazing (unless you really want to have a hard time). Yes, they reuse some of the building designs, while many of the bigger buildings are unique. You will be navigating old cold war bunkers and tunnel systems one minute, and fighting your way through Jace Skell’s contemporary hillside mansion the next.

Is Breakpoint Worth An Upgrade From Wildlands?

There are other elements of this game that make it stand out, but I think this is enough to show that the game is a lot more than just a cookie-cutter shooter, like so many reviews would have you believe.

To simply put it, Breakpoint is still a great choice only if you haven’t played the Wildlands yet. If you’ve already played and praised Wildlands, I don’t think Breakpoint will be a surprise to you.

  • Tons Of Different Vehicles
  • Satisfying Gunplay
  • Fun Multiplayer Mode
  • Improvement To Stealth Gameplay
  • Attention To Details Are Not Improved
  • Map Is Not Diverse
  • AI Are Still Stupid
  • Nothing Much Improved Since Wildlands
Gameplay - 8.2
Graphics - 8.8
Audio - 7.5
Longevity - 6

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