God Of War: Review

User Rating: 9.7
God of war

God Of War usually referred to as GOW game is a direct sequel to the original trilogy. However, a long time has passed and Kratos has moved on and now has a son (Atreus). The game kicks off with the pair beheading on a journey together and the interplay between the gruff father figure Kratos and his rebellious son offer up some great story beats. Both heartwarming and hilarious.

Norse Mythology References and Gameplay

The game is now set within a Norse mythological world which included powerful mythological characters like Thor & Odin. But as with the take on Greek mythology, this pulls on all the dark sides of the legends and the characters and world setting are one of the joys of this game.

The action has had a complete overhaul from the previous god of war games. The Axe that Kratos now uses is an awesome weapon that you will never tire of chopping heads of your enemies.

Battles are epic and never easy, and defeating that one enemy you have a challenge with makes it more satisfying once you defeat it and you just want to keep looking for more powerful ones!

Character Development: That Will Make You Weep

Kratos started off as a Vengeful, Aggressive and frankly quite an Unapproachable person in the original games, but in this one, he seemed to let go of his past and grow Wise, Determined and Passionate to make sure that his Son didn’t turn out like him. The beard probably says it all!!

The emotions into the father and son adventure will get you attached from the get-go with thrilling battles of enemies there is never a dull moment whether you in battle or exploring, you just don’t want to stop doing either.

Mythical Cinematics and Realistic Graphics

The world within which the game exists is perfectly sized for the length of the adventure and there is little to no filler. This game is full of awesome moments and you will probably never get bored of free-roaming!! Graphics and cinematics in this game is very pleasing and feels realistic.

Should You Buy It?

It’s the perfect blend of action-adventure with RPG elements. Plus, a nice hint of puzzling solving for good measure. Very dynamic and mythological based setting envelopes you almost immediately. This feeling of immersion holds you tightly and even seems to build throughout the game. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this game. This game deserves to be played, if only so that you can realize how rich Norse mythology is!

  • Top notch character development
  • Versatile and engaging gameplay

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