Hitman 2: Review

User Rating: 5.3


Hitman 2 is undoubtedly an amazing game! The story isn’t too good, but it’s the game that really shines when it comes to gameplay. There are so many different approaches to how you kill a target. You can go in guns blazing, use stealth by taking disguises, and slowly making your way to the target, or you can REALLY challenge yourself and do everything suit-only, trying not to be spotted by anyone. Another fun thing is checking out the ways you can kill a target. You could just shoot them in the head, or you could follow “opportunities” to get really brutal kills on the target.

For example, you could make an AI prototype robot shoot a guy to death, or push a guy off the top of a church bell tower, impaling him on a spike. Opportunities do honestly make the game pretty easy at times, but it’s still really fun to follow them. You can also play on Master mode, which bumps up the difficulty a whole lot.

Multiple Ways To Eliminate The Target

A great story really sets up the game and this story pulls you in. Once you complete the main storyline there are different ways to kill targets. These stories for each mission mean after you finish the main story you can try to kill from a different approach. Almost every mission has 6-8 different stories and it’s fun to explore different opportunities.

Disappointed With The Level Difficulty

I think hitman 2 unlike other versions of a hitman (such as hitman absolution) has become easier to play. Now here by “easy” I basically mean that I don’t know why but it feels as if it has become easier to knock down targets because even if you get caught, there is a way to escape. Hitman is supposed to be this way, but I think this version has become easier and more boring even though it gives options to explore. There is no chance of losing a mission or dying because there are just so many options available to hide. Being this way, it is killing any chance of having real fun in the game like it was in hitman absolution during the fire escape mission or the police escape part. There is no fun because you know already you can easily assassinate a Target because there are just so many ways given with guidance about how you should go about it, which includes giving every detail, like from where to get the disguise, showing the meters you have to walk, showing the target as well. It has become very dull if we think about it in this way. Earlier versions of hitman such as hitman blood money and hitman absolution were more adventurous giving us our own chance to make up plans.

No Change In AI NPCs

The hitman franchise, in particular, is a great game, but I am not happy with the way things have become easier and the way it seems like everything has been already given to us in our hands. Even if people who are suspicious of you look through your disguise, they don’t do anything despite standing there looking at you. You already know you can throw coins around and distract anyone you want. Hitman 3 (contracts), Hitman blood money, Hitman absolution was way more interesting, to be honest. Those older versions were worth it.

  • Realistic Locations
  • Multiple Targets To Eliminate
  • More Innovative Gameplay
  • Too Easy To Beat
  • Story Isn't Upto The Mark
  • Dumb NPCs
Gameplay - 5.1
Graphics - 7.2
Audio - 5.7
Longevity - 3.2

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