Kingdom Hearts III: Review

User Rating: 6.9

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a great game and is well worth the time to research and appreciate. While disappointing in some areas, it still stands still among few good console games.


The gameplay is almost as fluid as Kingdom Hearts 2’s golden standard, among many quality of life improvements and the best visuals in any of the other games to this point (Toy Story and Monster’s Inc. especially look outstanding when compared to the movies they’re based on), the game is a treat to your eyes.

Kingdom hearts 3 is a JRPG mixed with Disney. It’s an odd combination that works well. The action is fast and fluid. There are many enemies and the battle system is cool. It’s pretty much hack and slashes sprinkled with some strategy mixed in. The combat is probably the highlight of the game.

The story is where it gets kinda off track. If you have not played Kingdom hearts 1 or 2 you will most likely be lost for most of the tale. Really you need to play some of the other entries also to really get the story down and even then there is much that makes you scratch your head. The story is not too cohesive. This being the game’s biggest downfall.


The combat looks good but plays badly. It’s got all the same camera issues of the first 2 games. Those being that it doesn’t face the enemies for a lot of the time and you’ll get stabbed in the back pretty often. Some enemy attacks are hard to see amid the very pretty scenery or variety of other effects being sprayed across the screen. There is a lot of just mashing the attack button. Magic doesn’t do much damage in this game so it’s not really worth using.

Your ability list is already full when you start the game. It makes it unnecessarily confusing and cluttered when most of the abilities are quality of life (like Scan) or just your basic move-set, like being able to continue a combo after missing or being able to counter-attack after a block.

So to give the honest truth about combat it’s never been more enjoyable and varied. It has been noted to be a much easier title than the previous two games. Critical mode or proud mode is recommended for returning fans. Proud for the first time and then obviously critical mode will really help solve this issue.

Final Verdict

On the whole, the game is creative and enjoyable, if flawed in certain unsatisfying ways. I highly recommend this to any interested buyers willing to put in the work to appreciate its many nuances and story threads. An emotional story (if nonsensical), and an outstanding voice cast makes the characters breathe new life in the current generation.

Square Enix did a brilliant job combining and polishing the different gameplay styles from previous installments into this game. Also, the main story ties into each Disney world flawlessly instead of being sporadic like it’s predecessors. However, Kingdom Hearts III heavily relies on you playing all the games. So, if you’re a newcomer to these games just be prepared to do some serious research.

  • Aggressive Combat
  • Tons of Weapons To Choose From
  • Different Gameplay Modes
  • Character Voices Are Perfect
  • Fluid Movement & Gameplay
  • Too Many Cutscenes
  • Bugs With Camera Angles
  • Story Was Not Convincing
Gameplay - 8.3
Graphics - 4.2
Audio - 8.7
Longevity - 6.2

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