Luigi’s Mansion 3: Review

User Rating: 8.4

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the latest action-adventure game exclusively available on Nintendo Switch. Is it better than it’s predecessors? How good is the storyline and Gameplay? Let’s find out!

Easy Controls

Controls are simple, each button for a different function of the poltergeist pretty much, and the floor ghosts have so much character which is something I feel was lacking from the last game. The game uses gyro controls and it isn’t comfortable moving the whole thing. The left analog stick is used for movement and the right analog stick is used for Luigi turning himself. A and R are used to stun the ghosts. ZR is used to vacuum ghosts and basically everything else. ZL is used to BLOW air. B is not used at all. Y and L are used to launch a plunger that can be used to move things. X is used for the Dark Light Device which is used to find hidden things, and you can also use L+R to use it. ZL+ZR is used for this jump move that is used to move things.


Mansion 3 is imaginative and has a brilliant storyline. Every floor is completely different and unique from the last and there are 17 floors in total so endless adventures to be had. You have to fight ghosts and collect gems and the buttons missing from the elevator to access the other floors. What I love about this game is it is just so creative, for example, there are random objects with so much detail throughout the hotel which you can move and suck up using the device you get early on in the game. You will never be bored playing this game!

You can interact with pretty much everything and for someone who loves games that you can collect things (money mostly in this case), it’s a dream especially when the money is in places that imply a little joke like the money being the leaves on a plant Going from room to room is seamless. really impressed when you go in and out of the elevator before pushing any buttons because the transition is crazy.


Luigi gets invited to stay at this big luxury hotel. Luigi, Mario, Peach, Three Toads, and Polterpup head to the hotel and sleep for the night. But, big surprise, King Boo takes Mario, Peach, and the Toads and attempts to trap Luigi in a painting. Luigi escapes, and then the adventures continue. Luigi must then journey to the floor and captures the ghost so he can get the button for the next floor. The story is pretty nice for a Nintendo Switch game.

Brilliant Puzzles

If you don’t like puzzles, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is NOT for you. The puzzles are either hard or really hard. I’d compare it to Epic Mickey on the Wii, sometimes you just have no idea what to do. At least in this one, you can call E. Gadd and he give you a hint most of the time.

By this I mean you get your gear quickly, this leads to exploration and solving fun puzzles. The combat is a blast some involve a bit of strategy and item use this really mixes things up. Each floor has unique collectibles and secrets to search out. From young to old it’s a complete masterpiece for all to play.

  • Highly Addictive Gameplay
  • Butter Smooth Controls
  • Exploration Opportunities
  • Filled With Fun Minigames
  • Improved Level Design
  • Music Was A Bit Disappointing
  • Game Feels Extremely Hard At Times
  • Multiplayer Mode Is A Gimmick
Gameplay - 9.2
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 7.8
Longevity - 7

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