Madden NFL 20: Review

User Rating: 4.3

Madden 20 is a sports Fangame. Real superstars are now much better than other players. Ranked games favor the player with the better stick skills and the game itself isn’t forgiving of poor decisions and poor reads.

Franchise mode has a few subtle changes that help build your squad and MUT is deeper than ever. But this year they’ve changed how elite players change the game and the general feel of football flows better.


The dynamics and motions flow way better than they did on madden 19 and in years previous. after about madden 13, madden made all of the players super slow and it wasn’t fun. it seems to me that they went back to making them faster again. It’s easier to block kicks/punts, which makes the game more fun. it is easier to make big plays as well. which may not be super realistic, but it’s a video game, which is for fun and entertainment, which is what this game provides.

Rigged Gaming Mechanics

Gaming mechanics seem to have gotten worse. It’s just amazing how on All-Madden (the hardest game mode setting) a ball can manage to bounce and tumble so many times without a receiver or defender catching it. They’re just totally unrealistic. I get that not every player is perfect, but the mishaps that would usually have fans laughing in real life happen far too often. It makes online play unbearable when your star receiver or defenders (yes plural) loses all hand-eye coordination when the ball is deflected.

Dumb AIs

On a slant route, your receiver will actually stop turn back around and slowly run back into the defender that was chasing them. If that’s not bad enough, on 50/50 balls they just hit the ball up in the air like they are setting a volleyball! DBS will just stand there and watch an easy interception go for a TD without moving a muscle. It doesn’t appear this game was ever tested before it was released it was that bad.

A person tries to audible the AI never follows it. Especially on defense. Yes, the play changes the routes change but the AI ignores the block on offense and the defense never engages or plays the ball. So naturally, we change it to play the receiver and dictate double teams. Well, the dictation is ignored 100 percent of the time. When they do pick that receiver or half back up for the double team, it is because they ran through that same defender’s zone.

Bad Physics

Players with 96 speed and 96 acceleration can sometimes chase down players with 99 speed and 99 acceleration. People say pursuit stat also affects that but let’s be honest, theoretically, even if a slow person is running right behind someone faster there should be no way that a slower person should be able to chase down a speedy person.

Also, the ball sometimes does weird things like goes in an angle that makes no sense. Along with the fact that the game will call hits that caused incomplete passes fumbles.

Linebackers cannot jump for interceptions at all. They just stand still like they are brain-dead and do nothing. The only way to have a linebacker get normal interception animations is to throw another ability called lurker on him The enforcer’s ability is even worse because all a person has to do to get a hit stick is click-off the player with the x-factor and which will give that person a hit-stick animation. This is particularly troublesome with QBs because QBs fumble almost every time on contact.

Final Verdict

However, if you want to get Madden 20 because it cheaper than Madden 21 then do not get it. It is a waste of money and you will probably be frustrated with the gameplay. We would not recommend you to buy this game, even if it is available for $1.

  • Fluid Animations & Controls
  • Improved Graphics
  • Dumb AIs
  • Worst Gameplay Mechanics
  • Filled With Bugs & Glitches
Gameplay - 2.6
Graphics - 7.1
Audio - 3.5
Longevity - 4.1

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