Mafia: Definitive Edition: Review

User Rating: 5.8


In terms of the gameplay loop in the campaign, good thing it’s still the same as the original, very linear. Despite being an open world, the story plays each chapter in specific locations at a certain time and doesn’t let you do open-world related-activities much which is a good way to keep continuing the story without these distractions.

The only new additions to the city of Lost Heaven is the addition of details and collectibles to find including secrets. Unfortunately, there are some things Hanger 13 left wrong like the weapon animation is literally directly from Mafia 3; Tommy Angelo is not some soldier from the army like Lincoln Clay, he is just a cab driver then turned to a full pledge mafia member yet he was able to use these weapons like a pro.

The driving is different than a lot of open-world since the game takes places in the 1930s, cars at that era were not that great in terms of control and acceleration, if you choose the classic mode as the difficulty it makes the driving very realistic yet terrible just to remind players what kind of cars they are back then, makes it feel like it. Speaking of driving, if you play that racing mission in classic difficulty you know-how veterans tried so hard to beat and you get to experience it too and the rest of the game.

Storyline & Graphics

The story is amazing as well, it is a classic mob story, yet it feels fresh and unlike others. The voice acting is also incredible and brings the characters to life.

Sam, Paulie, and Salieri are also very well voiced. Also, I would just like to appreciate Ralphie. I don’t know why he was one of the characters I most connected with. Overall though, this game must be played for the story. All the other aspects of the game feel good enough for you to appreciate the story without hesitation. The attention to detail to the world is also huge, even though this game is fast-paced (in storytelling) and focused on the narration of the story.

The graphics for the most part are good, with impressive motion capture although, they can be inconsistent with some textures during the day looking washed out, whilst at night they look impressive with neon lights reflecting off the surface.

Driving & Shooting Mechanics

The driving is good, carried on from Mafia 3 excellent driving mechanics. The cars feel very weighty and slow, very reminiscent of the 1930s era it is set in, definitely much more difficult, if you’re used to smoothing and swift acceleration like modern cars.

The main issue for me which held this game significantly is the shooting, which is frankly terrible, you find yourself struggling to aim at your targets, as the curse is very inconsistent.


The difficulty is unforgiving, you find yourself repeating missions due to terrible aiming and enemies who are like bullet sponges. For a modern game set in an open world, it’s a shame it’s not put to better use with an array of activities we have been accustomed to with open-world games. Having an open world with things to do and exteriors to explore would have increased the replay value of an already short game.

Is It Worth Playing?

I’d highly recommend this to anyone interested in a good game about the Mafia in America with a good story. Don’t expect this to compare with the likes of Gta or Read Dead 2, because you are getting an entire different experience, which is good for differentiation.

  • Much Improved Weapon Mechanics
  • Improved Graphics
  • Low Texture Quality
  • Boring Gameplay
  • Worst Voice Acting
Gameplay - 6.4
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 5.6
Longevity - 3.1

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