Marvel’s Avengers: Review

User Rating: 8.1

Marvel Avengers puts you in the seat of the main roster of beloved heroes in order to take the fight to AIM Industries in a Destiny/Anthem type Multiplayer experience. You collect loot to power up your heroes, level up, and put points into their skill trees, complete faction quests to earn high-level gears.


The combat system is fun and easy to control, so you don’t have to feel like you have to just button-mash everything and the enemy A.I. system provides a challenge, but not too hard for players to feel like they will never defeat the enemy.

I also found matchmaking to be a lot of fun too, especially when you how strong other players’ characters are and the abilities that they have. Even though the gear system is different from most games, it’s all worth it when you can equip gear to shrink your enemy’s down a size or two, or inflict gamma, plasma, electric, and cosmic damage to your opponents. Plus, with new heroes, villains, and regions being added every month, it makes you want to come back and play even more.


The offline campaign is one of the finest ever made in this day an age by the way it draws you in, it’s virtually your childhood dream coming true when you play as Kamala and become an avenger. Then they deliver even more greatness by letting you play as the mighty heroes themselves, even customisation options like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

The gameplay for online is repetitive you stand in circles or sqaures or clear a area most of the time and you start in the same 6 different levels where you literally go to the exact same places but with a slight different twist.

It does remind you of a lot of games e.g. Destiny for one in the gear/loot system and the way you enter an online match which is similar to the crucible, but that’s like every game today copying/using parts from other games to make theirs.

The endgame team management was something I didn’t expect, but I love it being a fan of management games. in the end game, you don’t just focus on building up your favorite character, you take time to build your other characters and assemble a team with skills that sync with your own, as well as equipping characters with buffs that support your overall play style.

Hero Progression

All heros have different moves and abilities. Some of them feel the same, like Captain and Widows Ults, and others feel very different. Theres enough of a distinction to make me feel a different but I was hoping for more.

The skill tree helps you feel a little more unique, and it’s better than Destinys for sure. Gear is your loot instead of weapons, and while it’s not bad, your character doesn’t change or anything, and the level up system on gear is pretty outdated. Cosmetics are purchasable, and some can be unlocked through gameplay.

Problems With Enemy Encounters

When getting to the endgame, a lot of the powerful enemies have bright effects that are yellow, light blue, or red which happen to be the same or very similar to the colors used for (melee) attack indication. This makes their attacks much harder to dodge. In addition, some enemy attacks have 0 indications.

At high levels, most enemies you face will have some sort of stun move that will take you out of the fight for a second or two. Often enemies will chain these together so if you get hit you either die from taking 3-4 stun moves in a row or need to back off for a health pack.

The game likes to throw many of the strongest enemies at you at a time, all of which feature uninterruptible attacks that they use liberally. While normally fine, nearly every enemy attack can interrupt your actions (except certain special moves) which creates a huge power disparity.

Enemies’ reactions to your attacks don’t match up with what you’re doing. When facing some of the more powerful enemies you’ll notice they won’t even flinch at Iron Man’s repulsor beams, Thor’s hammer, or even Hulk’s punches.

Final Verdict

If you don’t like superheroes simply don’t think about buying this one. If you like DC better than Marvel I recommend you watch TheRadBrad or someone who plays through the game with little commentary and then decides for yourself. If you like Marvel or superheroes in general and are a casual gamer, buy it you won’t be disappointed.

  • Breathtaking Visuals & Graphics
  • Character Customizations
  • Much Improved Skilltree
  • Easy To Learn Controls
  • Gameplay Gets Repetitive Overtime
  • Framerate Fluctuations
  • Limited Enemy Varieties
Gameplay - 7.7
Graphics - 9.3
Audio - 8.8
Longevity - 6.5

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