Metro Exodus: Review

User Rating: 8.7

Metro Exodus is one of the most perpetually underrated games that we have encountered so far. Exodus is so much simpler than its other post-apocalyptic brethren, Metro Exodus happily keeps storytelling at the forefront. And that really is what makes each episode in Artyom’s journey so memorable.

Scary Yet Interesting Gameplay

It’s exactly what you want from a story-driven survival horror game. The game is genuinely pretty scary at times as the threats that you encounter at any point in the game are still forces to be reckoned with. Scavenging is very important and without proper preparation, it is very easy to be overwhelmed in a situation but the game offers clever players ways out of tough situations.

For example, if you run out of ammo, you can hide from the enemy and carefully pick them off, sometimes the last guy will even surrender.

In stealth, you have the option to kill your opponent or knock them out. They both achieve the same function and one does not ensure success more than the other leaving it completely up to the player to decide whether the enemy is worth killing or simply knocking out.

Highly Immersive Storyline

The story is incredibly immersive as you encounter real problems you would expect to see in a post-nuclear wasteland, for instance, radiation, drought, and lack of supplies. The game also offers you a sort of moral code in the game by giving you choices to help people or reserve from hurting people even though it might not be to your immediate benefit. A larger example might be that you free some slaves from captivity from bandits. But it can also be something as simple as approaching unfriendly locals with your weapon holstered, the locals will then start talking about you in a way that shows even though they still don’t like you, you’re not as terrible as they expected. The game doesn’t necessarily reward you for these actions but it’s those little conversations that really make the game immersive because you don’t get rewarded for everything you do in real life.

The story here is just perfect and very interesting, and they’ll always have you wondering what’s happening next, with subtle clues as to what it might be, hidden by character dialogue. There is plenty of replayability with there being sided quests and a different ending.

Slow Character Movement and Bad Dialogues

The dialogue is messed up where occasionally people will just start talking over each other (when they’re not supposed to) or there will be an unusually long pause between verbal exchanges. Not the end of the world though, subtitles help you get everything.

My only “real” complaint about the game is the movement. It just feels extremely clunky. Even with the sensitivity all the way up, it seems like I’m moving in slow motion. It also doesn’t help that whenever I jump I seem to float for a couple of seconds

Ahh!! The Graphics and The Environment

The open Russian landscapes look and feel authentic. There’s an aspect of quality to this entire game that’s unrivalled. The look and feel of it are authentic as if it were painted with oil paints and pastels. Can’t remember when firing a gun looked and felt so good. When you shoot an enemy up close you get that misty blood splatter that’s very satisfying.

The graphics look extremely detailed and will easily give most medium to high-end PCs a run for their money. Textures and water look great, smooth camera flow and great physics improve the overall look of the game.

The atmosphere metro creates is eerie and melancholy, which gives all human life character and familiarity. You become comfortable seeing bandits because you know the area, you’re in is at least semi-habitable. You see relics of the past war and slowly uncover secrets unbeknownst to you in the books and previous Metro titles.

Is It Any Good?

Exodus is every bit as spellbinding and emotional as the earlier two games and must be experienced by anyone who likes a good story told well. It’s not fall out or borderlands or Bioshock nor is it trying to be. It’s metro for Metro’s sake, and damn it, it’s awesome!

  • Phenomenal Graphics
  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Captivating Storyline
  • Slow Movement Speed
  • Really Bad Dialogues
Gameplay - 9.1
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 7.9
Longevity - 8.4

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