MLB The Show 19: Review

User Rating: 5.6

MLB 19 is about Greed and overreach, how a franchise loses a customer despite delivering otherwise incredible gameplay.

When average folks want to escape the crushing reality of their individual futility, I urge them to resist the temptation to call upon The Show ‘19 to be their refuge. Like the teams competing for cover boy Bryce Harper, this game imposes no salary cap on its pay to play mechanism and cares about nothing other than the cold calculus of money for wins.

Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is the immersive online platform that serves as the heart of the game. It’s beautifully done, and in an ideal world, it forces you to make choices about the players you pick in an effort to win against similarly situated gamers in a test of organizational baseball strategy and in-game tactics. Honestly, it would be incredible if this video game was more than just a parimutuel gaming scheme with no real-world payout for us consumers.

Pay To Win Gameplay Model

As it stands, unless you are willing to play 8 hours a day, you will need to pay extra to keep up with the high rollers who buy the premium versions of the game or, do what the developers want you to do, and throw down cold hard cash to buy more in-game currency and acquire diamond level players.

One would be tired of playing outmatched games against a team of all diamond level players that defy space-time in their efforts to convince you that you’d be better off preordering the most expensive version of the game each year.

Let’s face it, so much in our real-world rewards those of greater means over those who are talented and try hard. It’s a sad enough reality that the cost of coaching and travel baseball for youth players is too prohibitive for many talented individuals.

The Show ‘19 has continued the dream-crushing trend of pay to win as we draw near to the dawn of a new decade in online gaming. Instead of delivering a game based on the merit of the kid at-bat, this game rewards the Steinbrenner’s of the world in a way that we would have considered obscene in the sports gaming world a decade ago. I don’t want my video game experience to rival buying a ticket on Spirit or Frontier Airlines, but that’s the way things are going.

Good Attention To Details

Pitches have some speed or real break on them depending on the pitch. The Fielding camera looks great once ball is put in play. Lighting looks great. Day games look bright and sunny and the character models/jerseys reflect a bright sun beating down on them. Balls come off the bat great. Now when you hit it you can actually see the ball jumping different ways if it takes a bounce or if it hangs in the air.

The small details only real baseball fans and people who play The Show every single year will notice. If you skipped a year, you probably are just going to complain it is the same.

Why It Is So Bad?

This game once again shows that none of the developers or testers have ever played an inning of baseball. The most illogical stuff happens. For example, slider in the dirt against a person on the diamond dynasty, no-doubt home run.

Gold and diamond fielders make more errors than an armless man. You go up by a few runs, automatically the other person gets a no doubter with someone who has 20 power. It’s pay to win, until you pay and then you’re new better players can’t hit, field, or run. They decide to run the bases however they feel.

  • Great Attention To Details
  • No Lags & Stutters
  • Well Optimised Gameplay
  • Pay To Win Gameplay
  • Highly Illogical
Gameplay - 3.8
Graphics - 7.4
Audio - 5.2
Longevity - 6.1

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