Mortal Kombat 11: Review

User Rating: 5.4

The latest MK 11 merges newer characters and classic characters to have an epic battle is amazing. Some of the fights in the story mode do seem pointless and irrelevant but for the most part, mortal Kombat 11 accomplishes the story by giving you back story and deeper emotional cinematics then any mortal Kombat game has done before. Is it any better than MK 10? Let’s find out!!

Different Gameplay Modes

For a fighting game, it comes with the classic MK tower modes as well as a “Tower of Time” mode, which adds something similar to Tekken 7’s Treasure Battle mode. You can unlock character skins and various features while playing Tower of Time in addition to the familiar Krypt. This is a welcome change to keep the unlock grind a fresh experience.

Another feature that’s nicely-fleshed out is Training, which is sorely lacking in other fighting games. Training includes the basics, as well as tutorials on more advanced game mechanics, even down to explanations on frame mechanics. It helps to add new players to become acclimated to MK11 and even may help out experienced players in fine-tuning your skills.


You can customize your character even more than before with skins, abilities, and augmentations that add more damage to certain moves for example. The customization is similar to a player loadout you’d expect in a modern FPS game. You could customize all cosmetics and skills and moves in every character in the game. Sadly most of the skins are just reskin to the alternative costumes but it still has a huge selection of skins and other cosmetics but the only way to unlock these skins and cosmetics is by playing the krypt and towers.

The Krypt

The krypt is awesome, you play as some random character and you go around unlocking items and gears for each character, you also go around solving puzzles and even meeting NPC characters like Reptile and Ermac.

Problems With The Combo Structure

This dial-a-combo system (as some call it) creates too many scenarios where you are put at a disadvantage simply because you were locked into those moves and aren’t allowed to stop and adapt quick enough to what’s going on. You also learn very early on how sub-optimal many of these premade combos really are because they either aren’t safe, cause no knockdown or don’t cancel into anything. Basically, you get locked into what you are doing too often either by game design, or by limited movement (more on that below), or by lack of alternative options.

There are also some odd balance issues around many of these premade combos, with some absurdly easy combos doing massive damage at low risk and with other more complex ones doing far less. MK 11, in a way, seems to favour people who use the same relatively safe moves over and over again, rather than those utilizing a larger variety of moves.

Slower Character Movement

The combo structure in and of itself might be forgivable but the game is also marred by sluggish, stiff, and somewhat slow character movement and jump animations which makes for awkward engagements in general and forces the use of gap-closing specials and a lot of walking and blocking. Combine that with the large arenas (from side to side) and projectiles that in most cases can be spammed constantly because of either the added distance, quick recovery rates or simply having no projectile collision can lead to a lot of frustrating matches.

Graphics is Awesome

Well, Graphics is just like we expected is over the notch. It is more detailed and focuses on very tiny details, which we needed the most. But, it’s 2020 and graphics aren’t the deciding factors anymore, is it?

Summary: Garbage With Awesome Graphics?

MK 11 seems to have a lot of good ideas that were brought together to create a very feature-complete product for both casual and experienced fighting game fans. Unfortunately, all the actual gameplay features also need to work well with each other to make for a satisfying experience. The question is “Is it worth your time (and money)?”. The answer is simply NO.

  • Better Graphics & Animation
  • Right Choice Of Soundtrack
  • Slower Character Movement
  • Limited Customization
  • Horrible Combo Structure
  • Always Requires An Internet Connection
Gameplay - 3.1
Graphics - 8.4
Audio - 6.3
Longevity - 3.8

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