Mortal Shell: Review

User Rating: 7

Mortal Shell is a challenging but fair video game & will be very welcoming to Soulsborne veterans & new players will also enjoy it.

The shell and upgradable aspects of it are very intuitive and intriguing, and I have nothing but kudos for the developers for thinking up such a thought.


The storyline may not be deliberately noted in games like dark souls, however, They are integral parts of the franchise. Even smaller characters such as Ludleth, The Exiled, have great roles to play in its lore.

This game is vastly under par in this sense. In my playing, I feel it lacked the same gratuity and excitement that the souls series so subtly gave to the player through the completion of its main storylines as well as the landscapes it brought to lighten the experience. The bland, depressed overtones of Mortal Shell never give way to a lighter, more subtle experience. Rather, it barrages you with stale scenes and ominous sound effects.

Combat In Comparison With Dark Souls

I do not think of this as a dark soul-ish game. The combat is clunky and unresponsive when trying to make quick decisions and fight more than one enemy at once, and the dodging is at best a crapshoot. Sometimes it won’t even attempt a dodge with full stamina and mashing the dodge button.

The parrying and harden skills are great, but with harden being on a cooldown, and the parry mechanic being difficult to master through the game, it makes for a tricky combat situation. Granted, most people know that games that are meant to resemble souls-games are not meant to run through as a slash and dash-type game. Slow and steady may win the race, but the majority of gamers would prefer not to be seemingly bogged down by slinky combat to make the game seem longer.


The atmosphere of the game draws you in immediately & the scenic world makes you curious about what the full story is. The gameplay is acceptable overall, with it bringing its own styles of fun mechanics, such as hardening or your different shells.

Shells that have the innovative design of leveling up by the more you know about them, through the spending of currencies. They have many challenging opponents that all have a unique style to them. NPC Characters had stellar voice acting, dialogue, personalities & stories. Meanwhile, the breathtaking soundtrack really pulls you into the theme of the world.

Even though something as simple as it’s in-game items. You don’t always know what an item does or what effect it has on your character. You have to use it once to find out what it does and then use it up to 10 times to get the full benefit from it. Some items might even damage you the first time, only to be a much-needed aid after you’ve used it 2 or three times and figured out what it is.

This mystery to the items also extends to the world, which makes for great exploration and provides a sense of discovery I’ve only ever felt the first time you navigate through a Souls game. Above the style and difficulty, Mortal Shell is great for Souls fan’s not because it plays like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, but because the game understands the spirit of Souls games, it creates an atmosphere Souls fans will be familiar with while being new in terms of places to visit and fresh in terms of combat.

Weapons and Characters

Furthermore, there is also a lack of weapons but each weapon absolutely feels unique & earned just as it seems intended. There is also a lack of character choices & endings which is a note worth mentioning. I also would’ve liked healing items to be a little bit more frequent but it felt about just right as the game expects you to make excellent use of hardening, which you can do to an almost abusive level sometimes.

Do You Recommend Mortal Shell?

Despite the slight irritations every once in a while, the game is marvelous! It has an amazing combat system that allows players to be more hands-on and interactive with enemies through the game, characters with ranging abilities, weapons with fascinating weapon arts, and a confusing, yet intriguing storyline. I love the fact that depending on what type of playstyle you have, your every decision is critical to achieving victory.

If you prefer a game in which you can sit down for an hour after work and make miniature increments of progress each time playing it, without minding it’s an inherently depressing mood, then this game is a great one. However, if you have played through any of the Fromsoft games, then this game will feel very underwhelming compared to them. Choose wisely.

  • Gripping Storyline
  • Interesting Characters
  • Appealing Atmosphere & Theme
  • Challenging Level Design
  • Buggy At Times
  • Boss Fights Are Easy To Beat
  • Relatively Expensive
Gameplay - 8.1
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 6
Longevity - 6.5

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