Need For Speed: Heat

User Rating: 8.5

Need For Speed Heat is probably the best Need For Speed game to come out this decade! I wouldn’t put it at the top but it is definitely in the top five of the best NFS games EA has put out.

Cops Are Brutal… (As Usual)

Police pursuits have been massively reviewed. Aggressive police with unrealistic cars. Even the crappy vehicle will be right on your tale and unable to outrun them. If you ram then into obstacles they will still catch you up very quickly. The heat level does rise rather fast, ramming the vehicle to destroy them is a waste of time as it causes more damage to your vehicle. Police pursuits have turned into more of a nightmare than anything else. If you do eventually escape via jumps then you have to drive to a safe house to take the heat off. One would just let them bust me straight away rather than waste 10min trying to escape.

Well, cops are brutal, but also pretty fair. If you’re quick and have a fast car, ducking through multiple back alleys is a good way to lose them… and they do put up a really good fight. Anyone saying that they’re too hard shouldn’t be playing an NFS game and needs to go play Forza Horizon (a good game in its own right) without cops instead.

Talking About The Gameplay

Gameplay-wise Heat is a bit different compared to Payback. The brake to drift system is back but slightly changed, due to focus on different types of handling like Grip, Road, Drift, and Off-road. When driving or racing, you don’t often feel like it’s drifting all the time like in Payback, but the only issue I have is the Car feels like it just doesn’t wanna drift this time when you made your Car fully drift built-in Need For Speed Heat.

Day & Night Gameplay

The story mode plot wasn’t amazing and seemed incredibly short. It was a little disappointed compared to previous games. You don’t really see the progression of the game as previous ones had a set path. Racing during the day earns you money, racing during the night earns you rep. Rather than having an order of races, you can choose/avoid what you want. It feels like story mode was just thrown in with the main focus being online.

Daytime in the game reminds me of Most Wanted. You’re driving around collecting money and finding hidden collectibles in street-legal races set up by The Speed Hunters Showdown, an event that has been set up in Palm City.

The night, however, reminds me of Underground 2 and Carbon. Driving around in tricked out ricers and muscle cars, participating in illegal street races, and just pissing off the cops. The cops remind me of Hot Pursuit and Hot Pursuit 2 just on a whole other level! You have no weapons like EMP’s or spike strips to fight them off so you must either drift through streets and back alleys or outrun them through the backwoods and country. Also, the cops are designed to make you frustrated, they are overpowered and seem to know your every move. This makes you think twice before risking it all and racing during nighttime.

Cars and Mods

New modifications have been added (engine swaps) but wish they would bring back boot installs, doors, nitrous purge, and gauges like the old days. Exhaust sounds have also become customizable. There are a good selection of cars to choose from but would like to see some older budget vehicle than high end. Another great touch the customizable character you get to create, unlike previous games.

Our Take

NFS is famous for it’s intense gameplay and the car chases, NFS Heat however, does justice with it’s pride. We Would totally recommend this for any gamer looking for fast-paced, customizable action. There’s plenty of open-world activities outside of racing as well and the pursuits are great too. You should definitely give it a go, if you find Forza easy.

  • Different Gameplay Modes
  • Tons Of Modifications
  • Much Realistic Driving Physics
  • More Intense Gameplay
  • Cops Are Unrealistically Fast & Brutal
  • Harder Campaign
  • No Microtransactions
Gameplay - 8.8
Graphics - 9
Audio - 7.5
Longevity - 8.7

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