Rage 2: Review

User Rating: 7.3

Rage 2 is by far one of the most underrated games I’ve played which has an ultimately accurate take on post-apocalyptic environments and a very aesthetically rewarding shooter mechanic. The progression/skill tree is always informative and satisfying to explore when you get a new gun or ability. Should you even consider playing it despite its terrible reviews? Is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Addictive Gameplay

The fast-paced action is addicting and gets your blood pumping every time you fight a group of enemies. I wanted more every time I get done with a group of enemies. The action is the most memorable thing in this game. The open-world environment is incredible to look at and loved driving around the new open world. It was fun and it felt satisfying riding a vehicle. The upgrading system was fun as well where you can customize your weapons and vehicles and how you can upgrade your weapons and vehicles to make them even more powerful. It takes a while for it to upgrade each one but you feel accomplished by it. The arks are very addicting to get as well to get more weapons and power-ups. They are very hard to get into but then again, you feel accomplished and satisfied after exiting each one.

The game moves “realistically” slow on nightmare and makes you think about what you are doing before charging in. When you achieve mastery and are moving fast through enemies and unleashing hell – it really is a thrill because one slip up can wreck the whole plan, even though you have a large variety of weapons/abilities. I got this on sale recently on a 3rd party “game keys” type site but I really do love Bethesda’s games and feel guilty.

Open World Features

Game trailers made it seem more outrageous then it actually is with the punk music which I have not heard once in the game and personally wouldn’t have minded in overdrive mode at least. Component crates to smash, chest to open for cash and arc chest for power upgrades. Openworld has that far cry/fallout feel without the flowers to pick but who cares when you’re in a vehicle with guns shooting everything up anyway. Plenty of landmarks to see.

The vehicles are really cool and you can steal and drive any vehicle you want. You get a flying vehicle, motorcycles, two tanks and other vehicles.  I thought this was cool. Your personal vehicle is armoured and you can upgrade the heck out of it. Your weapons are really good and fun to use. It’s an open-world style and you have tons of stuff to get into, it is a very long playing game.

The Nightmare Mode

If you play on Nightmare Mode then you cant take many hits and, in the beginning, enemies feel like bullet sponges, which means you can’t tank around as you would expect from the trailer. As you progress and get better at using weapons and abilities you start to learn how to constantly keep moving and bash through enemies without taking hits, which is so rewarding. There so much variety to the game as well. The mutant bash TV arena, the vehicles and vehicle gunplay (there’s even a mech) the various different locations that really look, feel and play differently, everything just comes together and you are going to have a hard time put down the controller because there is so much to do!

Is It Even Interesting?

Most RPGs feel almost “slow” or “empty” when travelling the world or going back and forth between tasks. But with Rage 2, the chaos is constant and there’s never a dull moment. Between the mutants, bandits, and all the side tasks, even if you’re not online you still somehow don’t feel alone when playing. Now when it comes to the storyline, to me there’s nothing incredibly interesting here. And the game does get repetitive, but if you’re looking for the most action-packed open-world experience you’ve ever had, this is undoubtedly the way to go. Lots of fun to be had with this game – I highly recommend for anyone who’s looking for a good time and who wants to feel like a total open-world badass.

  • There's Always Something To Do
  • Driving Mechanics Is Awesome
  • Post-Apocalyptic Gameplay
  • Cool Weapons & Customizations
  • Need To Save Game Manually
  • Dull Storyline
Gameplay - 6.7
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 6.6
Longevity - 8

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