Red Dead Redemption 2: A Brief Review

User Rating: 9.5

RDR 2 is an extremely cinematic and a well crafted game created by the Rockstar Studios. The game is somber and emotional, having one of the best-created endings for any video game. Even the original soundtrack is fabulous. This game will no doubt go down in history.

Overall Storyline

The story was so breathtaking and progressed beautifully showing the current adventures of an outlaw who has lived violence and sorrow. As the story progresses you learn even more about the character which may or may not make you feel for him. The story presents many chances for big choices to be made which impact whether the character is good or bad. The soundtrack is impressive and really brings the story to life and greatly aided in bringing me to tears several times.

You find yourself almost building an emotional connection to the majority of the main characters by the end. And of course, they made the story perfect as a prequel to the first RDR, Blackwater and New Austin is very close to being identical to the first game, which makes it all the better. As I said before, it’s just incredible the amount of detail that went into this game.

Attention To Shooting & Hunting

Red dead takes a step outside the box. Almost a game in a game itself red dead allows you to hunt like hunting is meant to be done. You have to have the right bait, lures, etc and with the tracking system at its best, you will find yourself hunting for the thrill more so than even playing the story! They have maps to find legendary animals from huge bear attacks to mountain lions.

The shooting styles being in both first and third-person give you that option on grand Theft Auto style gun slinging and then the call of duty first person. The graphics and syncing into the graphics for both modes are amazing and don’t really great praise. The fact you can pull up your weapon clean it, look down the barrel and just feel the weapon is amazing. You feel as if your weapons are part of what makes you the gamer you are.

Tons Of Side Missions

The wide variety of side missions and ability to go hunting or fishing whenever you feel like it as well as the random interactions allow you to play for hours without feeling bored as unlike traditional campaigns it is constantly changing and you can have a large effect on how each subplot plays out. This story requires some patience, especially when moving around the map via horseback which some people obviously lack and prefer more predictable fast-paced stories which tend to involve very similar run and gun strategies and as fun as it might be for the first couple of times mindless violence with the little plot behind it.

Final Verdict

You play as Arthur Morgan, who is a brilliant multi-layered protagonist who is a perfect vessel for the player. The supporting cast of intriguing characters is fantastic too. The gameplay is extremely immersive and leaves you with the feeling that there is always something to do. The world is gorgeous and grand, but also dense and filled with secrets and people that make you just want to ride your horse around aimlessly, trying to discover everything the game has to offer. The graphics and physics are top-notch and the small details really show how the 8-year development of this game was worth it. Should you try it? A big YES.

  • Huge Attention To Details
  • Realistic Cinematics & Graphics
  • Well Written Storyline
  • Much Better Campaigns
  • None That We Found
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 9.8
Audio - 9.4
Longevity - 9.4

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