Resident Evil 3: Review

User Rating: 6.6

Resident Evil 3 showcases many changes from its predecessor but I believe they were good changes made, you can understand the situation raccoon city is in much more than the original games which was more just a puzzle-solving action thriller.


This game showed that the government was trying to cover up illegal operations of secrecy involving the creation of bioweapons and using law enforcement and their own people even as Ginny pigs. That’s exactly what resident evil is all about, detectives figuring out their plans and trying to foil them in saving mankind.

Two large parts of the story of the original game (The park and the clock tower) have been completely removed, with the park having no reference, and the clock tower’s courtyard only being used as an arena to battle Nemesis. This is very disappointing as two of the things I was looking forward to playing in the remake were the boss battle against the gravedigger in Raccoon City park and exploring inside the labyrinth of the clocktower.


Fantastic re-imagining of a classic that dives deeper into the lore and shines a light on some of the more glossed over aspects of the Raccoon City outbreak. The story and character development are top-notch, and while the game feels short, it is largely due to the fact that the story is moving 100mph from the jump, not altogether unlike Jill’s first escape from RC. Tons of surprises await both newcomers and veterans alike, and there is plenty of incentive here to encourage replay-ability following the first playthrough of various weapons and two additional difficulties available after beating the game on Hardcore.

The way the game plays is absolutely amazing, from the way you can dodge enemies to using the environment around you to your advantage. The way you are forced to make decisions on what to take with you and what to leave behind is one of the charms that make this series such an original experience and the fact that you find yourself counting the bullets you use creates both a challenge and a looming fear that you may not have enough.


The graphics of Resident Evil 3 Remake are phenomenal, with every model having the utmost effort into making it perfect. This is especially evident with Jill and Carlos, the latter of which has been completely redesigned from the original. The enemies have also received clear visual updates, especially Nemesis, who has had every one of its forms redesigned. The RE engine has proven to be the best choice for the series to be built upon as it is able to create both beautiful scenery and horrifying abominations.


Compared to the original, the remakes take on Nemesis is good, however, the original was clearly able to utilize the monster more efficiently, with it being able to constantly hunt you down in the earlier parts of the game, unlike the remake which is rarely seen outside of scripted events and boss fights, it is truly disappointing to see how underutilized this beast of destruction was in the remake and I feel that just letting it wander around for a few segments of the game would create the dread that the original was able to master perfectly.

Final Verdict

The most awful part of this entry was that so many vital areas of the original had been SUBTRACTED and it felt a slap on the face for my generation of RE fans.

Had there been the vision and heart of the original, this game would be totally something else and one of its own in the entire genre. That to loved by all. God of War set that example.

  • Thrilling Gameplay
  • Surreal Graphics
  • Superior Character Development
  • Improved Combat
  • Painfully Short Campaign
  • Undervalued Nemesis
  • Removed Popular Areas
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 9.1
Audio - 7.7
Longevity - 2.2

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