SnowRunner: Review

User Rating: 8.5

Snowrunner is completely different from your using a car game. Snowrunner requires patience and skill and good judgment even to drive your vehicle to 10 meters. Honestly, it’s hugely addictive and I highly recommend this to anyone who’s a bit tired of the same old racing sims, arcade racers.

What About The Physics?

The physics aren’t 100% accurate to real life but I think it makes the game a lot more entertaining. The trucks look and sound astonishing and the progression is largely based on how you play the game, you can choose to scout for the upgrades beforehand and it will make the trucks better, therefore, making the missions easier or you can do the missions first and buy better trucks with the money you get from the missions and get the upgrades later.

However you decide to play the game, there is something therapeutic about trudging through mud in gigantic trucks.

Mudrunner Vs Snowrunner

With the different types of cargo now instead of just logs and you have to clear roads and build bridges to go through them and the customizable trucks. And certainly, mudrunner was so dark and gloomy mostly but this is bright and colorful as well as the different terrain types (especially snow) I had high expectations for this game and they completely went off the scale!

Camera Angle Sucks

As for the camera, The first-person view is very limited to view almost Feels like an adjustable field of vision would help. The 3rd person camera needs one SIMPLE little option to have the camera fixed to the vehicle so when you corner the camera stays locked with the vehicle. The camera lags behind when you corner often leaving you blind as to what you’re driving into.

Garage Is Fun & Frustrating At The Same Time

Garage system can be frustrating having to cross the entire map to return and add a new upgrade but it’s obvious that was a design decision, so I won’t knock it too hard. My only real complaint is the effect upgrades have on a vehicle could be better stated, but going out and finding out is kind of a fun little test to optimize your vehicle.

Well, It’s Not For Everyone!!

Snow runner is NOT for everyone. It is not for those who are used to and expect driving experiences similar to games such as GTA. As has been mentioned, the steering wheel for instance does not automatically return to straight so driving takes a lot more attention to detail but in a world where semis and sports cars are all being made with automatic transmissions to ease the driving experience and make them more accessible to the masses, I totally love that driving is different and consequently more difficult.

The game pays attention to physics. From getting hitched on rocks along an offroad path, to slushing around in the mud the mechanics feel spot on. Again, if you’re looking for a game to hit 100mph and hit a ramp don’t even think about picking up this title. If you imagine driving around a semi and hauling stuff all day, do not get this game.

You will spend hours not only working to acquire said semi but also, more than half the maps and their terrains are offroad. Hence I think the exclusion of more popular road runners such as Peterbilt’s etc.


I would recommend this game to anyone who has youtubed videos on off-roading, are really into pickups, Or if you’ve ever walked past a truck and felt any sort of euphoria. SnowRunner is incredibly slow paced and is going to test your patience in real life.

The road map looks promising and I cant wait to see what DLC they bring us. If you want to play with a wheel maybe you should pass because it seems the support isn’t there yet and if you don’t have the patience or aren’t willing to get over the very small learning curve then wait for a sale or just don’t buy.

  • Beautiful Graphics & Locations
  • Rewarding Gameplay
  • Tons Of Customizations & Upgrades
  • Unimpressive Camera Angles
  • Can Be Frustrating At Times
Gameplay - 7.2
Graphics - 9.2
Audio - 8.5
Longevity - 9.1

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