Star Wars Battlefront II: Review

User Rating: 8

Battlefront 2 is a highly addictive, large scale battle game filled with tanks, troops, rough terrain, emplacements, and the ultimate chaos of a war zone that’s fun even if you’re not into Star Wars.


Although there is a frustratingly major skill gap that new players need to accomplish when they first start off, it is still a very fun game experience and you can quickly rack up levels in order to level up your star cards. Progression and gameplay also feel immensely satisfying to play and its progression system has done a major step up since its initial launch in 2017, however, like said earlier, you will still have to overcome the massive skill gap when starting since seasoned players will already have fully decked out star cards.

When you die to something stupid, you respawn without whatever special weapon you may have picked up. So when you get to the part where you have to blow a thing up but your rocket launcher was removed from the inventory because reasons, you’re kind of screwed. And that might not sound like a big issue but, when the campaign gets tougher, you’ll know it is.

They Constantly Update The Game With Fresh Content

They’ve recently added an impossible amount of additional content, including new game modes, new maps, new characters, new skins for troopers and heroes, and a fair progression system with the ‘pay to win’ mechanics completely deleted from the game.

Don’t underestimate the power of these games as a means to build and repair the Star Wars fandom, with the addition of AI (or auto players) opponents and teammates to play with offline will ensure this game will endure long after the servers close.

Friendliest Community Ever

The player base that makes up Star Wars Battlefront 2 is very friendly and positive, always adding constructive feedback to the developers in terms of how to improve the game. The communication between the game devs + the community is also pretty great. If you ever visit a subreddit for this game, chances are that most submissions will be positive and wholesome.

Different Game Modes

The lobbies for Capital Supremacy, HvV, Co-op, and Galactic Assault are always full, and if you are starting out, these game modes are the main go-to modes that you have to try out first in order to experience what the game has to offer. Ewok Hunt and Starfighter Assault are also really fun additions to the game, however, you will have less of a chance to get into a match. The rest of the game modes are complete dead zones, however, and if you do get lucky and get into one, chances are that it will have the minimum amount of players.

Supremacy mode for the clone war has a capital ship for the republic and separatists, that you can attack and try to destroy after you’ve won the ground battle, and it’s a really great and fun ‘tug of war’ style of gameplay.

Frustrating Part

It’s all pointless information when you hit tab. The only thing that’s relevant is the battle points. There are a few game modes and parts of game modes where your team loses tickets with every death until you complete the objective or run out of tickets and lose the game, so just don’t die as much. That’s it. If you do die you’ll die over and over again and it will be frustrating.

Our Thoughts

If you want to buy this game take don’t pay attention to any bad user reviews made before 2019 as they will be outdated and no longer apply to the current version of the game. Take it from a lifelong star wars fan that this really isn’t that bad and definitely worth a try. You are definitely going to love this game!!

Gameplay - 7.3
Graphics - 8.4
Audio - 7
Longevity - 9.4

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