Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

User Rating: 9.2

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a third-person perspective action-adventure game published by EA, that has been a fan favourite among the Star War fans quite a time now.

Excellent Story That Keeps You Engaged

The story is something that excels compared to Star Wars video game storylines in general, with fleshed-out villains, excellent voice acting, and a phenomenal storyline. Progression is steady yet challenging, and combat makes you feel like you’re actually swinging a lightsaber rather than a stick you picked up in your backyard for the harder modes.

Puzzles were a little tricky at times, but they never felt impossible, and EA has seemed to take notes from Uncharted’s notebook for exploration sequences, which means that exploration is a HUGE part of the game.
The game’s structure mostly revolves around “get this upgrade to continue the story or explore that location “, locations have secrets to make your character better in combat and collectables to unlock. The boss fights are pretty good and the enemy variety also quite a lot from each faction.

Combat & Lightsaber

Combat is easy to learn yet difficult to master, as enemies refuse to cut slack for Jedi Master and Jedi Grandmaster. Regular run-of-the-mill minion enemies never felt unfair or underpowered, and it serves as a major wake-up call for The Force Unleashed players who simply hacked and slashed their way to victory. However, boss fights sometimes felt unfair, eventually making me tone down the difficulty all the way to Story Mode at the final boss. Jedi: Fallen Order is strict as all get-out and forces players to 100% stay on their toes and made me wonder whether or not I was good at action games in general, though I’d expect nothing less from a game that takes leaflets from Dark Souls-level difficulty and the Metroidvania genre.

The lightsaber combat is almost perfect, sometimes the blocking was hit and miss (literally) but overall it was brilliant being able to combine you lightsaber combat with force abilities was really fun and I probably enjoyed force pushing stormtroopers off cliffs a little too much.

The combat system is very tight and less freedom like Jedi Academy, but I think for this purpose, it’s a good thing. You don’t just swing around and believe you’ll do great. You have to focus yourself and block/parry each attack until you find an opening. The bosses are even more challenging (don’t even get me started on the Oggdo Boggdo). You take everything you learned from fighting infantry units to top bosses like the bigger versions of the animals and the Sisters.


The customization is outstanding. There are 5 different parts of you lightsaber you can change and you can unlock about 15 different options for each part of your lightsaber. Plus you can change your characters outfit, your droids paint job and your ships paint job. And the way you unlock lightsaber pieces, clothes and paint jobs is by exploring the maps and finding crates which contain these cosmetics.

You Can Adjust The Difficulty!

If you’re a beginner or maybe just concerned about seeing the story play out you can turn down the difficulty and have plenty of fun hacking through enemy after enemy with minimal resistance. You can also turn the difficulty up to a challenge that some refer to Dark Souls, with a Star Wars skin. To those not familiar with Dark Souls, it’s a game that is famous for being hard, unforgiving, cruel at times, but amazing amounts of fun. Getting through this story on whichever difficulty you choose is a great time. There are some very amazing tie ins to the animated series and the way it expands the canon lore is really creative. You have a droid companion, and my first thought was, why do we always have to bring along these cutesy droids, but this one really grew on me and is up among my favourite droids of Star Wars now.

Who Should Play This Game?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order earns itself all five stars for setting a new standard for Star Wars games (or action-adventure games in general that are based on Dark Souls or the Uncharted series).

If you’re on the fence about this game just buy it, you will not be disappointed if you’re a Star Wars fan. I really think anyone can enjoy this game, non-Star Wars fans alike.

  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Lots Of Options For Customizations
  • Much Better Visuals
  • Difficulty Adjustment Feature
  • Have Minor Glitches
  • Frame Drops Observed
Gameplay - 9.4
Graphics - 9.2
Audio - 9.4
Longevity - 8.8

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