Stellaris: Review

User Rating: 7.8

At first, Stellaris might just look like any old strategy game in space, but getting into it you’ll see it’s a lot more interesting than it looks. There are so many government types to pick from, so many civics to choose from, so many challenges to overcome, and the whole thing’s story can play out just as well as one of Rockstar’s stories.


There are lots of little details and references too, like for example, if you colonized a moon that orbits a gas giant, you would see the gas giant in the background. Or, how some planets have primitive alien life that hasn’t yet left their planet that you can monitor. Stories of individual games can play out better than Shakespeare.

There are a plethora of options for what you want to be in Stellaris, particularly because of the aforementioned Utopia DLC. Space combat is simple and straightforward but leaves a lot to be desired. Because the weapons and defenses counter each other in a “rock, paper, scissors” system, it’s imperative to know what your opponent is running with… but you can’t.

There’s no espionage system in Stellaris, and that’s probably the main drawback it has. Wars usually occur in one single giant space battle, and because it takes so much time to build a fleet, the loser of that battle will go on to lose the whole war. Ground combat is even less complicated, as there aren’t any tactics involved whatsoever.

These empires have massive military and an economic boost but they cannot ally or befriend any other empire except their own if the circumstances are right. Everyone will hate you, but they aren’t at war with you but when they are any systems you conquer(you will have claimed the whole galaxy so you don’t have to spend influence claiming systems) and/or lose will be immediately transferred into the new holder’s territory whether crisis or anti-crisis(anyone fighting a crisis empire).

Game Is Based On Your Luck

There is one thing though, this game is also about luck, and in that, I mean whereabouts in space your empire begins, you could either end up with an enemy right next door who starts war straightaway or you may have a lot more room to expand and explore as you grow your army.

The only let down for me though, is the very lack of in-game videos, I think that would be entertaining even more if they introduced this, even if it was a video of your fleets ultimate destruction.

Is It Worth Playing?

The focus in Stellaris is empire building and diplomacy. Technology and exploration are interesting too, but after finishing your first game you would’ve experienced most of the events that take place by then.

If you want a superbly complex strategy space game with very few limits yet simple and easy to play, Stellaris is that game. Unleash your imagination and play however you want! Be friendly and diplomatic, hostile and genocidal, peaceful and isolated, mercantile and thrifty!

  • Highly Addictive Gameplay
  • Tons Of Customization Options
  • Unique Strategy Game
  • Changes In Rules
  • Complex Gameplay
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7
Audio - 6.6
Longevity - 9.2

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