Super Mario Maker 2: Review

User Rating: 7.6


You can play levels made by random people and post some of your own. There are also many items that you can place down. That makes it so that the number of possible levels is endless. Even though there are a couple of gripes that I have with this game, the pros far outweigh the cons.

You can also make levels, play levels, go to the coarse world, and way more. There is also a slot of power-ups. 2 of the power-ups you can only get by playing story mode. A lot of people would probably play story mode anyway. But beware because if you’re in the middle of making a level and switch to 3d world, you have to start all over again.

Different Gameplay Modes

The multiplayer versus is really fun and competitive. You play with other online players and work together or try to beat each other. However, sometimes, there is no one to play with.

The new Story Mode is very creative and showcases new features very well. Online Multiplayer is very sloppy and laggy but can be fun if it somehow manages to run smoothly. While this game clearly has it’s flawed, such as the lack of a beach theme or the lack of enough power-ups.

Fun Features

Essentially, Super Mario Maker 2 brings together the classic themes and items and enemies you know and lets you do whatever you want with them. You could build a speedrun, which is immensely popular, or a musical, also popular, or just a normal course… but why do that when you have an incredible range of possibilities just sitting in front of you?!

They added other features like ON/OFF Trampolines and blocks in 3D World, and the Cursed key in the original Super Mario Bros. Theme. But that wasn’t even the tip of the goal pole. Because they gave us an entirely new mode called Super Worlds. You can create courses in course maker, but you can create an entire Mario world in world maker. You can add your own courses that you’ve made into the world, and if your path is connected to all the castles in the different worlds, you can upload it to the course world as a super world.

Multiple Themes

However, while the sequel feels different, it is definitely superior in almost every other way. It introduced a better searching system, making it better to find courses. It has four new themes, Snow, Desert, Forest, and Sky, as well as a Night option. The Night option makes it night-time and introduces new mechanics for each theme such as slippery terrain for the Snow theme, or low gravity for the sky theme.

  • Easy Controls
  • Easy To Build Courses
  • Imaginative & Innovative Gameplay
  • Multiple Gameplay Modes
  • Laggy Online Gameplay
  • Course Checks Are Annoying
  • Busy Servers
Gameplay - 7.3
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 6.1
Longevity - 9.2

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