Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Review

User Rating: 8.3

Super smash bros are like a party game when you have had a long day at school or at work you can come home to your switch or other devices and play this amazing smash bros game.

This game is for any mood you’re in it has a solo player it has multiplayer so if you want to play with a friend sit down grab a controller and start playing.

It has one of the best graphics out of hundreds of games also it is rated ages 10 and up can play this exciting video game. This game has been around for so many years and has had five different versions of it come out but the best one is this one ultimate for Nintendo switch the inventor’s company’s name is Bandai Aramco studios and was published and sold by Nintendo switch.

Multiple Gameplay Modes

There are a plethora of new modes in this game, but I’ll skim over the main one, World of Light.

A single-player mode, World of Light sees you tackling the campaign as your favorite characters, freeing characters from their “spirited” state. It takes over 20 hours to complete not even getting all the spirits, so you’ll be playing this one until Kingdom comes.

However, my main gripe with this model is that with so little variation in the main gameplay, it can get a little bit boring. Fight this guy with settings, fight this guy with different settings, it’s essentially a glorified Event Matches mode, which is nowhere to be seen.

Stadium Mode. A staple of the Smash series that’s just not here. And while most likely Home Run Contest and Break the Targets will return in an update or two, it’s strange that we don’t have them now. It makes the game feel incomplete single-player wise. This is the first game not to include day one.

Online Mode. The online mode is also something that many people complain about, but I think it’s fine. There’s both Quickplay and Arenas, and personally, I prefer Arenas, mainly because you can switch your characters, taunt, or play with your friends.

Story Mode. A new Story Mode, World of Light, is included. The goal is to save everyone from their state of being puppet fighters by the enemy, Saleem. Gather spirits and become stronger than ever to face off harder enemies along the journey!

Yes, the story mode doesn’t really have a story, but it’s still pretty addictive and fun. However, the main point of smash is to play smash! There is an insane number of characters, with very different move sets. You can make custom stages as well, however, I didn’t really like making them as much in this version.

The stages are beautiful, and the game is so smooth and nice. The online mode is really nice, and even though there might be a few internet spikes here and there, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s really fun.

Exciting Combat Mechanics

Redefined fighting mechanics and easy-to-pick-up characters make this a game for both the casual and competitive. New extended charge from all smash attacks, reversing tilts, ladder attacks, and the universal jump squat that allows all fighters to jump at the same time very fast is all the new best features this game has to offer!

This game is pure fun. Whether you’re playing the many multiplayer modes with friends and family or collecting spirits in, well, Spirits mode, there is so much to do. And the character roster is great too. Some characters that have been requested for forever, like Ridley and King K Rool, some questionable characters, like Isabelle, and the brand new Echo Fighters make their way in along with everybody else returning.

Is It Worth Playing?

Smash Bros Ultimate is great and it has the same feel as smash 64 and the others but with better graphics and more characters than ever! I highly recommend this game for any fans of fighting games or anything really. There is a wide variety of characters to choose from Pokemon,Mario,Final Fantasy 7,and Donkey Kong just to name a few.

  • Tons Of Gameplay Modes
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Friendly Characters
  • Improved Combat Mechanics
  • Laggy Online Gameplay
  • Busy Servers
Gameplay - 8.6
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 8
Longevity - 8.8

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