Terminator: Resistance – Review

User Rating: 7.6

Terminator Resistance introduces a Telltale style mechanic where you can have conversations with the characters, learn about there past, and decide whether or not to run errands to help them. Your choices in how you treat the characters also impact the outcome of the story in a very real way to, though not every decision you make is important to the plot, which is to be expected.


The game’s main protagonist is Jacob Rivers, a soldier in a post-apocalyptic world whose previous division has been destroyed by a mysterious infiltrator. You then meet a group of people who’ve been doing their best to survive the Terminator onslaught and you become a member of their group for a time and become friends with them depending on your choices. As the game progresses, your friends help you get to the bottom of the infiltrator mystery and work to stop the Terminator war. When it comes to the story, the strength comes from the writing, as the characters you come across are very believable.


The gameplay is a little clunky, crafting and exploration mechanics hint at depth but ultimately fall short, the leveling system is absurdly simplistic, character development is stilted and wooden thanks to some seriously average scripting and voice-acting.

That being said, the gameplay itself plays as a first-person shooter that sees you fighting robots of various kinds, including T-800s soon into the story.

It also has a looting and skill tree system that makes the game easier as you go along. You can also pick up items during the game that you can use to either sell at a shop or use to craft items.

Crafting and Exploration

I personally didn’t find too much use of crafting aside from medical kits and ammunition, but it gives more variety to gameplay which is welcome. Not long into the story, you are equipped with a hacking tool you can use to hack enemy turrets or open certain locations. The hacking itself is basically just a game of frogger. There is a decent variety of weapons to select from, but you unlock plasma weapons soon into the story and are encouraged to use them the most, as most other weapons can’t damage T-800s.

It’s a long game too if you want to enjoy and explore, collect everything, and complete all of the side missions. There’s always plenty to do and it just never gets boring. Probably my favorite parts of the game are the hideout and shelter ‘lobby’ parts.

Epic Missions

The missions in this game are reminiscent of the opening scene of Terminator 2, which gave me chills, as a faithfully remixed version of the classic theme music thumps mournfully in the background. You can feel the desperation of The Resistance, these last dregs of humanity, willing to sacrifice everything to preserve a mere glimmer of hope.

From these last points, it is clear that the developers have put a great deal of passion and love into this project, and have endeavored to produce an extremely faithful rendition of the universe I became enthralled by as a kid. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes a thrilling and engaging gaming experience.

  • Thrilling Gameplay
  • Commendable Music Score
  • Detailed Character Development
  • Cliche Storyline
  • Buggy Combat
Gameplay - 8.1
Graphics - 6.7
Audio - 8.6
Longevity - 7

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