The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan- Review

User Rating: 8.4

Man Of Medan is essentially a movie with the ability to control whether the characters live or die, maintain strong or weak relationships with each other, and even different ways to deal with conflict. Despite being a relatively new way of story-telling, I have to applaud the developers for the beauty and rich detail. Some say it is too short, however I think this adds to its re-playability as thier are many different ways for the storyline to play out.

Compelling Storyline

The storyline is extremely compelling, the level of choice you have over the story is INSANE. The characters are very fleshed out and have a genuine feeling of having history between them. They’re also all very lovable and fun to play, which is something Until Dawn struggled with at times.

Man of Medan is definitely a horror game but there’s no horror for the *sake* of horror, all of the horror events furthers the storyline and is very well done. It’s really fun to play with other people, and by yourself. The little documentaries included in some of the special features are very well done and interesting as well!

Nerve Chilling Gameplay

The atmosphere was sinister and chilling. The setting was superb and immersive. Wandering down similar rusting corridors was a little repetitive, especially given the clunky movement mechanics, but in this linear narrative, the wandering was minimal and actually added to the suspense and sense of dread. You will feel a great deal of affection for all the protagonists (though many others find them rather annoying from what you might have read) and was determined to keep them alive. I found it genuinely upsetting when this wasn’t possible.

Even with this being said, the true nature of the horror was forcibly thrust into the player’s face on MULTIPLE accounts. The writers clearly assumed the audience wasn’t intelligent enough, and just settled with constantly forcing the plot down their throats.

Beautiful Visuals

The visuals were beautiful, and often times I found myself wandering simply so I could explore the scene that had been laid out for me. The roster was much smaller than Until Dawn, making it so I could more deeply connect with each of the characters. Characters were beautifully voiced and visually stunning, I felt attached to each character and hated to see any of them die.

Controls Sucks

The poor controls seriously affect the game’s playability by glitching out or just having incoherent timing. The only thing strange with the dialog is when most of the time when the character speaks, you often find yourself saying, “No one says that!” Sadly, these components don’t have much sway on how the game plays out.

Bad Part

Few scenes do not make sense, quick-time events are annoying because one missed button can undo all the decisions you made up to this point, and the game is supposed to be a horror but doesn’t feel like it. The intense and scary atmosphere it creates at some point fades away relatively quickly after you get used to jumpscares. Also, the main plot can be deduced very early on.

  • Super Realistic Viusals
  • Great Character Build Up
  • Compelling Storyline
  • Thrilling Experience
  • Buggy Controls
  • Cliche Dialogues
  • Frequent Framedrops
Gameplay - 7.8
Graphics - 9.6
Audio - 8
Longevity - 8.1

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