The Division 2: Review

User Rating: 8.1

The Division 2 starts off with a bang and keeps ongoing. Stunning visuals and near-perfect game mechanics work together to make this an absolute must-have game in 2019. Is it still worth it in 2020? Let’s find out.

Gameplay Has Been Improved A Lot

Well for division2, it is one of the best shooter game in this genre of loot and shoot as the devs have introduced new concepts and have improved the already polished mechanics of the first one even more. The motion and the control feel fluid, the customisation has been top-notch so far. Washington dc is on a whole new level.

The character progression is addictive too as well as finding new guns. The enemies are more fun to fight because they aren’t pure bullet sponges like on the first one. There’s a few but it doesn’t take 3 clips to kill normal guys anymore which was just annoying rather than challenging.

There is an RPG element where you rank up and in progress get a better gear which you can mod and adjust to better suit your gameplay style. So, if you are and even if you are not into loot shooters, you should give The Division 2 a chance. There’s a twenty-hour campaign with as many hours of side missions and tasks, not to mention the time you’ll spend comparing and adjusting gear stats. It’s fun, gritty, addictive with amazing graphics and overall atmosphere.

The Division 2 has substantially more story, deep use of “echoes” and “Cell recordings” gave a true sense of loss and fear of what was and is happening in the game. The gameplay left a lot to be desired in the early days but the story drove it through.

A++ For Graphics and Visuals

Every street, alley, building, store, hallway, apartment… was done with such attention to details. It really blew me away. I found myself countless of times simply walking around, sightseeing, simply taking the tour.

The game is simply beautiful, as you can experience all the different monuments near and around the mall,  and how they have been altered by the crisis and destruction going throughout the city.

Stealth Is A Missing Factor

As a war game that has no Crouch or prone command other than taking cover behind an object that really annoying. Stealth is truly lacking in this game as well, there’s no way to stealth kill anyone, which I find hard to believe when its basically 1 INDIVIDUAL vs a city.

Smart NPCs

Mechanics, outside of the seemingly fixed invisible walls, are incredibly well done. The NPCs are fast and actually seem to think for themselves and their group, seeking protection when under attack and going for the throat when you take accessive damage. It’s ruthless and unrelenting in all the right was. As is with any good action movie, there are great flecks of humour thrown in.

Enemies will blatantly dodge bullets or not take damage from things that very clearly hit them (for example, a seeker mine exploding right under their feet). Enemies also like to glide around in a way that no human being can actually do. It’s as if the NPCs are designed to completely cheat against the player just to discourage you, time and time again.

  • Improved Gameplay
  • Smart NPCs Everywhere
  • More Realistic Environment
  • Addictive Gun Play
  • No Stealth Kill Options
  • Limited Customizations
Gameplay - 8.4
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8.3
Longevity - 6.5

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