The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Review

User Rating: 8.4

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess “The game” returns to the formula and style of Ocarina of Time with dungeons and items galore.

Our main character, Link, along with his companion Midna must fight his way through some of the most creative dungeons in the series to purge twilight from Hyrule and save Princess Zelda.

Midna quickly steals the spotlight as one of the most interesting characters in the game and the series in general. She has a personality unmatched by any other companion in the franchise.


The wolf link mechanic was implemented so well and it gave you an overall feel of what it is like to be part man and part beast. Hyrule Field is also awesome to explore because of how much collectibles there are in each location.

From heart pieces to Poe souls to golden bugs to stamps, there really is a lot to collect. While I do wish there were more collectibles that could be acquired from quests, Twilight Princess did have some awesome minigames.

This game has the best dungeons in the series. While linear, there were long enough and there was so much attention to detail, and the items were used so well within each dungeon. There is also a lot to do in each dungeon which everything was awesome to do. The bosses and mini-bosses, though easy, are fun to fight and the setting of each boss, especially Argorok, is outstanding.


Twilight Princess was to first game to introduce sword-swinging while riding Epona, something I really wanted in ocarina of time. It was awesome. The combat is essentially the combat of Wind Waker but with more skills and more variety making it amazing. Also, the story was in my opinion one of the most epic and emotional in the series. It connects so well to OOT especially with the hero’s shade quest which is absolutely phenomenal.


Link is so great in this game and he connects with almost everyone, like the children of Ordon, Ilia, and the resistance. Zant is also one of the best villains in Zelda, as he’s extremely mysterious at first to become an insane lunatic near his fight.

Finally, you can’t talk about twilight princess without talking about, well the twilight princess. Midna is my favorite companion in any Zelda game. She is such an amazingly developed character and is one of few companions that I actually care about. Twilight Princess probably has the best character development in the series, through Colin, Ilia, and Link himself, but Midna is the best character in this game hands down.

With a dark atmosphere combined with themes of grief despair and hell even death, this game really shines in its storytelling. I do think the skyward sword has the best story, but this game story is so close to beating that.

Final Verdict

Throughout the game you will not only learn about what events led the kingdom to appear in a twilight state but also the compelling backstory of Midna.

The game is not without problems, however. Some textures and character models look outdated and there is the occasional tedious collecting sequence. Despite these flaws, Twilight Princess manages to remain one of the best games on the Wii and GameCube and captures many gamers’ hearts with its cinematic nature and highly improved combat. It will forever deserve any high ratings it receives.

  • Complex and Interesting Storyline
  • Memorable Characters
  • More Exploration Opportunities
  • Easy To Master Combat
  • Buggy At Times
  • Few Dungeons Are Confusing
  • Slow Storyline
Gameplay - 8.7
Graphics - 8.2
Audio - 9.1
Longevity - 7.6

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