The Surge 2: Review

User Rating: 7.5

The Surge 2 has made some major improvements from the first game. Better combat, better weapons, better parry system, better variety all around. The moves and the finishers for weapons have also had a massive upgrade. How does it compare with modern games? Let’s find out!

Enemies Are Tougher & More Diverse

With enemies of varying difficulty, ranging from hard to insanely hard, you will find that your vital signs are fairly often not able to be found. Although the feeling you get when you finally take down that new enemy or block his big hit that almost one hit you last time, to then push back and cut off his head, or take his right arm as a trophy along with his weapon, it is quite exhilarating.

The bosses in this game are designed in great detail and their fighting mechanics are unique which makes it great all around. For example, there are 3 bosses with similar looks and names but they fight differently, so trying the tricks you learned to defeat one will not work on the others. It’s highly rewarding when you smoke them!

Overall Gameplay and Level Design

The Surge 2 really has improved in all aspects. The gameplay is much smoother, there is now a plotting journal to assist you to understand the storyline, and the attack power of drone is also much stronger unlike the first The Surge. The environment and world design are also much more interesting, giving feeling akin to the Deus Ex series.

You unlock a fast travel feature later in the game, and there are maps everywhere you just need to know where to look. You do not get one in your inventory which I love! it makes me explore more, and if you don’t have it to rely on, it helps you navigate a lot better later in the game.

While the level design is fairly open, you should venture forth only at your own risk as some areas are designed once you level your gear a little more than the scrap you have at the start.

Combat Is Where The Real Fun Lies

But the greatest plus point of this game is the combat and the diversity it provides into the game. One would never get tired of the slo-mo execution mechanics for it varies for every weapon and changes based on limbs.

The combat is pretty fun and challenging and is mostly a melee weapon fighting game where you sometimes have to stop and plan your moves and positioning to kill the enemies and be aware of other enemies in the area and their patrols who can detect you and also attack you while you are engaged with 1 or more other enemies. So it’s more strategic than running in and mashing buttons until they die.

Is It Worth Playing?

The Surge 2 is undoubtedly an excellent game with an excellent setting. Although, the storyline is not upto the mark, Combat was fun, in-depth, rewarding, and finding new weapons and pieces of armor, and then proceeding to dismember them off your foes is a pleasure to be had indeed.

Well, this game is little on the tougher side and if you don’t like getting killed, this is not the game for you. If you like the play-style of Dark Souls, Bloodbourne, or similar games, then this is definitely one to pick up.

  • Creative Level Desgin
  • Much Better Combat Mechanics
  • Fluid Movement
  • Powerful Villains
  • Storyline Is Not Very Engaging
  • Smaller Map
  • Can Be Very Tough To Beat
Gameplay - 8.7
Graphics - 7.2
Audio - 7.3
Longevity - 6.7

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